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Report: GeForce Now surpasses Cloud Gaming Service Stadia .. Details


Cloud gaming service has increased GeForce Now From Nvidia Recently serviced Arena With a new class of performance-enabled desktop graphics card powered by Google RTX 3080 In the cloud. But if you are serious about the original $ 4.99 a month in the “Founders” category, or pay $ 100 a year to get “Priority”, you may not get what you expect – because Nvidia It quietly revealed that it controls the frame rates of 12 specific games to ensure consistent performance. The Verge.

I have Nvidia Now via the official support page (9to5Google) Explain after revealing this procedure Retractors And other games are locked at a frame rate of less than 60 fps. It looks like Nvidia She has been doing this for a long time, but only for some challenging games. I did a little research and some people have already complained about locking at 45fps Cyberpunk 2077 In December 2020, according to Nvidia.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey And Immortals Phoenix Rising Other games have a frame rate of less than 50 fps, while other games run slightly higher. Here is the full list of games where frame rates are restricted:

Most run at 60 frames per second

It is not a good idea for Nvidia to unveil something like this going forward. But the company claims that most games run at 60 frames per second or more.

She said: To the members PriorityFor most of the 1,100+ games we have created so far the maximum frames per second are usually set to 60 or more. There are some exceptions, which do not work well enough at 60 fps on GPUs used by members. Priority. As a result, the default functionality of these graphics-intensive games cannot be ignored. This is to ensure all members Priority They get consistent, high quality experience.

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Oddly enough, with so many Xbox and PlayStation games allowing you to choose, the company decided to implement this rather than giving its users a choice between frame rate and graphic quality..

The company has explained that the plot RTX 3080 It currently has no frame rate limits. But I kept the possibility that she might occasionally add something.

He said, “We are not currently controlling frame rates RTX 3080 Due to the performance gains compared to the previous generation server. Although we do not anticipate the need to do so in the future. But the requirements for unpublished games and the impact they can have on the server hardware are unpredictable.

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