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With dates .. Details of astronomical events expected in the sky in June


Astronomy enthusiasts and those interested in astronomical events will be on a date in June with several astronomical events adorning the skies of Egypt.

The “seventh day” publishes the details of these events with dates as follows

June 3 – At night and about nine-thirty in the evening the Moon joins the constellation Pollux in Gemini.

June 4 – The Moon and constellation are associated with the bee in Cancer on this day.

June 14 – Full Moon (Full Moon Tul Kida), when the Moon’s disk is fully completed and reaches 99.7% of its brightness. Year.

June 16 – Coming Mercury With a maximum length of 23.2 degrees from the sun, this is the best time to look at Mercury and take photos.

June 18 – On this day the Moon joins Saturn.

June 21 – Summer solstice, with the Earth’s north pole tilted towards the sun and its rays perpendicular to the Tropic of Cancer. This day is considered the summer astronomical peak because it is the longest day of the year.

June 21 – The Moon joins Jupiter on this day.

June 22 – This day is associated with the star Aldebaran (Taurus Eye) on Wednesday.

June 24 – Venus joins the constellation Floyd (seven sisters) in Pisces.

June 27 – The Moon joins Mercury on this day

June 29 – The new moon (Zul-Hijjah) does not appear in the sky overnight, making it the best time to observe faint celestial bodies such as galaxies, star clusters and stars of distant galaxies.

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