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Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Prices and Specifications in Saudi Arabia


Despite the constant updates around the world and especially in electronics, Xiaomi has released new smartphones that have many features that fans of Xiaomi phones have been waiting for, including many unique and developed specifications. This is because many people who want to get Xiaomi phones are looking for new releases every year, and are looking for prices and specifications.

Xiaomi Xiaomi 11 Pro 2021 Specifications and Price

  • It is 164.3 cm long, 74.6 cm wide, about 8.5 cm thick and weighs 208 grams.
  • The side frame of the phone is made of aluminum, with a glass (Gorilla Glass) back.
  • Xiaomi Phone supports all networks from 2G to 5G.
  • It is classified as having two gateways to slides, i.e. you can place two slides within it.
  • Its screen size is 6.81 inches, and the device also supports 128 or 256GB of storage memory, and it does not support the external memory feature.
  • It is based on the Android operating system. It has three rear cameras, each lens has a function, the first main camera has a second camera optical zoom, the third camera has a wide angle, and the selfie camera has a resolution of 20 megapixels and aperture size of f / 2.2.
  • Selfie camera does not have flash feature.
  • The company announced that the price of the Xiaomi phone will be $ 760 in US dollars or about 2850 Saudi Riyals.

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