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Rath bin Hussein hugs Trent Chad Lamgerett .. My Aidan attacks her (video)


First in Kuwaiti civilization Raven bin HusseinGoogle Trend, after Mai al-Aidan launched a violent attack on her, spread a video clip of Rawan bin Hussein with singer Chad Lanzarote, in which the two appeared and exchanged hugs and kisses.

Attack by Rawan bin Hussein and Mai Aidan

Mai al-Aidan posted the video clip on his personal page and carried out the attack Raven bin Hussein However, in her words, al-Aidan’s words made her relate to the public and she felt that she had offended the Emirati people, so al-Aidan received many angry words, and its owners expressed their dissatisfaction.

Chad Lamgeret and Rawan bin Hussein

Also, a video clip is being circulated by Moroccan artist Chad Lamzaret and Kuwaiti fashionistas Raven bin Hussein, Lamjard sparked controversy during a party in Dubai in the presence of several celebrities, the latter being the last, as well as Iraqi artist Shata Hassan and pioneers of social networking sites spreading the video of Rawan Bin Hussein and Chad Lamjar appearing to sing after him, first embracing and then kissing .

Reactions of Rawan bin Hussein and his followers

Also after this video spread on the pages of social websites, after criticizing the behavior of the couple, after appearing as close as they described, and the pioneers of social websites criticized the behavior. Two. Raven bin Hussein They expressed their dissatisfaction with her courage and her reluctance in this matter, while others pointed out that she embraced him even though he continued to sing and moved away from her a little.

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Raven bin Hussein

Mai, on the other hand, criticized al-Aidan’s circulating video clip Raven bin Hussein Saad Lamjarred re-posted it on his personal page on Instagram, “Rawan bin Hussein hugged Saad al-Mujrat in Dubai for more than 70 days. It is charged even if you settle in Dubai.

Rawan bin Hussein and the Emirati people

Also Mai al-Aidan was severely attacked by some of his followers, who considered his words to be contrary. Raven bin Hussein Insult to the Emirati people, one of them commented: “What do you say with your words … If you settle in Dubai, you will not forget the mistake … Dubai does not know why it is wrong …. I will say ‘Do not blame others … Dubai and the people of Dubai God bless Halot and your words. ”… I respect your words before you write and publish.

Some expressed their dissatisfaction with the words of Mai al-Aidan, and they wrote in their comments: “This revelation betrayed you even though you settled in Dubai !! Sorry, my sister, did Dubai cure her? Do you see Arab and Kapil people living in it, in which, their customs and traditions?” , You say that covers not only the center of Dubai but all parts of Dubai .. What would it be like if a person dies, this is his day, i.e., I prevent myself from being a bride and party, it is self-torture and it is freedom of personality.

Mai al-Aidan is between a supporter and a striker

After Mai al-Aidan released the video, her followers spoke with her, between supporters and the attacker, and in comments about Mai al-Aidan’s attack on her. Raven bin HusseinI expect these to be personal choices. I mean, whether she wants to hug or not, we won’t enter … not every person has to compare him to us with his preferences.

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Another follower said, “I mean, her mother is dead, you will be satisfied! The pain in the heart and nothing can forget the loss of your loved ones, but life goes on. God will bring us patience. Chatty criticize her behavior, but do not blame her for her mother’s death because no one felt the pain of the loss.

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