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After the rumors of separation .. Honey Adele “Video” sung at the Aziz Marga concert for his wife


The artist, Honey Adel, and his colleague, the Jordanian artist, Aziz Marka, attended his concert at the El-Savi Cultural Wheel some time ago, and the first visit to Honey Adel and his wife. Diamond Bou Abboud, after rumors of separation.

Diamond Bow Abroad’s first appearance after “Friends and O Dear” was attended by “Honey”, a combination of two songs from “Aziz”, West L-Ballad’s “Datkosini” and “The Great Love”. ”Wrote Aziz Maraka.

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This is the first appearance of Lebanese artist Diamond Boubouin after the crisis of his latest film “Friends and Dears”, which caused great consternation for most of the audience, including Mona Jackie, George Kabas, Adel Karam and Nadine Labaki. .

At the ceremony Honey Adele sings “You marry me”. Today’s concert is said to have taken place at L-Key Culturewheel, in which Aziz Maraka sang a number of songs, including his new song “Pithalavi Phi Aini”. Released a few days ago.

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