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The world is recovering from the corona … accelerating the steps towards coexistence


Measures to coexist with the corona virus have been accelerated around the world, with many countries already free from precautionary measures and other countries beginning to get rid of all restrictions imposed by more than two epidemics. Years.

The COVID-19 epidemic has killed more than 5,879,826 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, with more than 421 million confirmed cases.


Australia opens its borders

On Monday, Australia reopened its borders to almost all vaccinated tourists, almost two years after imposing one of the world’s toughest travel restrictions to control the spread of Covit-19.

The country closed its borders in March 2020 in an attempt to exploit isolation to protect itself from the epidemic.

During those two years, Australians were banned from leaving and only a few visitors were exempted from visiting.

Police regain control of central Ottawa

Canadian police on Sunday regained full control of the city of Ottawa after being paralyzed for 24 days by truck drivers protesting against the government’s policy to control the Govt-19 epidemic.

On Sunday afternoon, officials were arrested by 190 demonstrators and removed about 50 vehicles to score Horan for several weeks in the quiet town.

Queen Elizabeth II was wounded

In the UK, the Royal Palace announced on Sunday that Queen Elizabeth II, 95, was suffering from Covit-19, explaining that she was suffering from “mild” symptoms such as colds.

The queen, who is celebrating her 70th anniversary of ascending the throne this month, met her son, Crown Prince Charles, on February 8, two days before he was diagnosed with the virus.

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The palace generally keeps the queen’s health a secret, but has previously announced that she has received all doses of the Govt-19 anti – vaccine.

Under a plan to “live with Govit”, the government next week seeks to put an end to the legal implications for the self-isolation of Kovid-19 sufferers. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will address parliament on Monday.

According to the government, local authorities will have to deal with any new outbursts in accordance with the legal powers granted to them and they are expected to put an end to the free election campaign once their duty to choose is revoked. Muzzle in public places.



Beijing Olympics completed

After 16 days of sporting success and a health bubble, the Beijing Winter Olympic National Stadium has been announced to be closed, and the next Winter Games will be held in 2026 in Italy between Milan and Cardina d’Ampezo.

Despite the diplomatic boycott and the threat of an epidemic, China has succeeded in organizing the Olympics in “difficult circumstances” and is sometimes discouraged.

Athletes, organizers and journalists were segregated from residents and subjected to daily Govt-19 testing.

Israel is reopening its borders to those who have not been vaccinated

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett announced on Sunday that Israel would reopen its borders to people who have not been vaccinated since the beginning of March, for the first time since the outbreak of the Kovit-19 epidemic.

All foreign visitors can enter Israel, and if they carry out a Govt-19 test before departure, they will arrive for another visit.

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They only check when Israeli citizens arrive.



Removes restrictions in France in mid-March

In France, Health Minister Olivier Veran on Sunday confirmed that the wave of epidemics linked to the mutant Omicron was “resting”, but the next date for deregulation was still “mid-March” due to the “huge number”. Patients in hospitals.

The country reported an average of 86,000 infections in seven days, down 76% from its peak on January 25.

A further 28,600 people suffering from Govt disease are still being treated in hospitals, of which 2,900 are in intensive care.

Hong Kong ‘in war mode’

The city is facing the worst wave of epidemics since the outbreak began, with thousands of injuries recorded each day, while a senior official declared Sunday a “fighting situation.”

Teams from the Chinese mainland are helping to create two temporary isolated facilities in Hong Kong to receive thousands of Govt-19 patients.

It is noteworthy that the United States (935,057), Brazil (643,880) and India (511,903) are the next countries with the highest number of casualties.

The World Health Organization estimates that the total number of deaths due to Govt-19 may be two to three times higher, both directly and indirectly.

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