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“Kira Wolgen” is like black and white pictures … I made it in my own way


“Abdul Qadir Al-Jin” .. a new character who combined with the nearly 50 characters he provided in his artistic career, but he was impressed with her in a different way and way. By “Abu Omar al-Masri”.

However, in an interview with “” he confirmed that “Abdul Qadir” is an extraordinary character in the movie “Kira Wall-Jin” which is currently being shown in theaters in Egypt and the Arab world. He was excited about her from reading it in the novel, so the writer Ahmed Murad wrote that he loved it even before his knowledge of turning it into a movie, and that he would be one of his heroes.

While “stubbornness” always unites them, the star who confirms that “Jinn” is completely away from his personality is Ahmed Is.

Ahmed Is

* What drew you to participate in the movie “Kira Wolgen”?

** Starting with big stars like Kareem Abdel Aziz, Saeed Raqab, Hend Sabri, all the elements of the film except the guest of honor attract any artist as one of its participants.

I had the honor of being with them, and the quality of this film is one of those living films that connects the audience like black and white films, and I was so excited about the character because I never delivered it. Before.

* Before you worked on the film, did you read or hear about the novel?

** This is one of the novels that I really wanted and wanted to make into a movie, before anyone thought of turning the novel into a movie, before turning it into a movie. . As the novel presented the psychological state of each of the characters in it, I saw the characters and their fantasies moving in front of me as I read them.

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After that, I was surprised when Marwan Hameed called me that the novel was going to be turned into a movie and that I should take part in it. I was very happy with the role I was given in the novel and then the work sessions started and thank God we finished well.

From the poster of the movie Crow and the Gin

From the poster of the movie Crow and the Gin

* This is the first collaboration between you and director Marwan Hameed, how did you find it?

** He knows what to do in any job, and focuses more on his work, so the final work stands out, and he is an excellent director and his works speak for themselves. This gave an important and significant weight to the film; He is also one of the talented directors who can express their best acting potential from the heroes of the work.

* The film came to light after facing many difficulties till today .. isn’t it?

** Of course, in addition to numerous decorations and photography outside of Egypt, 3 years of production and shooting were hampered by some disruption due to Corona and others. Most of the scenes in Hungary were in very cold weather, and most of the scenes were at night, and the period and other details and challenges we faced in doing this work made it very difficult to implement. But with hard work and perseverance we overcame it.

What is presented in the film is a huge effort, thanks to the production company, the timing of the film, its decorations and the costumes of its heroes coincide with the time the film was filmed, which is much more. 100 years, all the heroes in the film, whether written, directed or produced by one and the entire crew.

Ahmed Is and Kareem Abdel Aziz

Ahmed Is and Kareem Abdel Aziz

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* How did you prepare for the character?

** Having read many references to the film dealing with that period in the history of Egypt, I had special productions as I read information I had received in schools and read black and white films dealing with part of it. Era, including “between casseroles” and “sugar”

The film “Kira Wolgen” is not like any other work presented in the past, because tradition is not in our favor, it involves many discussions about the character and its details, in addition to work sessions and productions.

* It is clear that the action in the film is completely different from the films you have provided before .. Tell me about it

** In fact, Marwan Hameed never left any detail to go into its exact details, so he rehearsed it in detail, and since everything in this film is different, even the fights that take place during this period will be different and the audience will like it. See also 1919 related to Gator.

Ahmed Is

Ahmed Is

* Do you care about movies that present a particular period or, more precisely, historical works?

** Quality always attracts audiences to any work of art, for the first time a cinematic work speaks of a different era and discusses the industry, but I do not care because “Krawalgen” made everyone tired of appearing in the film. In its final form. Your question is reminiscent of the theatrical release period of “Al Mamar”. Eid al-Fitr season. But it was a huge success at the box office, as well as being shown on TV. I repeat that the public is aware of the artwork presented in it, and from this point of view I do not hesitate to do what I can in my work, and the success factor is an uninterrupted divine generosity.

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* Kareem Abdel Aziz is the first cinema to connect you with this work .. How do you feel?

** I am pleased with this collaboration, especially since cinema has a special luster and I am also one of the fans of Kareem Abdel Aziz because he is an artist who loves his profession and has successful cinema experiences. In real life I found that he was very similar to me and very happy to work with him.

As the events of the film reveal the effects of the British occupation of Egypt between 1906 and 1920, this experience is different from my previous films, which we both present is new. The scenes of the film are in great harmony with the novel and provide a creative experience as well as a visual entertainment. The rivalry between me and star Kareem Abdel Aziz didn’t matter to me, it was possible, we each worked hard and I worked 100% on this film.

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