June 5, 2023

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Elham Al-Fadalah pursues his dream in "Amina Half"

Elham Al-Fadalah pursues his dream in “Amina Half”

Beirut – Nadine Mohammed – Amina (Ilham al-Fadala), in the first episode of the series “Amina Half”, lives unbalanced in the second season due to constant nightmares, including the killing of her husband.

Amina begins to talk to her mother and sister about the situation she is experiencing, and for fear of actually killing her husband she decides to leave him, and asks her sister Hessa for the believer’s reassurance. Do not marry like her, and Amina’s mother seeks to advise “Taif” Hassan to take care of his wife.

Amina goes to her mother and is still controlled by the events of the first part, and her mother reminds her of the difficult situations their family experienced before Amina married Hassan, so the family lives in fear by Amina. Tarif appears in more than one scene with Jodh Aziz and Qadir al-Sabti in the first episode of Badria Dolpa, who is planning to separate from her husband, and everyone in al-Sharqawi is “Sumaya”, Shad Salman’s sister and his son Talal. Bassem and Shawq Al-Hadi.

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In the “Amina Half” series starring Ilham Al-Fadala, Shehab Kohar, Taif, Faht Fazem, Badria Dolpa, Somoud, Reem Najeem and many more. Directed by Mohammed Abdelaziz Al-Tawala.

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