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Emirates News Agency – Conclusion of activities of the “Abu Dhabi 2023” Emergency and Crisis Management Summit


ABU DHABI, 10 May / WAM / Under the patronage of Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the National Security Adviser, Emergency and Crisis Management Summit – Abu Dhabi 2023, organized by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, concluded today.

More than 20 officials, experts, academics, innovators and participants from inside and outside the UAE, representing national authorities for emergency, crisis and disaster management in the world, emergencies and crises, experts, experts, universities and specialized institutions in the UAE and Gulf countries, in Abu Dhabi Participated in the two-day summit on Arabia, the region and the world.

His Excellency Ali Saeed Al Neyadi, Chairman of the National Commission for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the wise leadership of the UAE. May God protect him,” for their zeal to uplift the nation and their leadership focus on human development, security and human peace.

He also expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and National Security Adviser, for his generous sponsorship of the summit. The Summit – Abu Dhabi 2023 is the result of the proposals and ideas of the Summit participants, which reflects the level of positive response to the exchange of global experiences and ideas on the most important practices and emergencies. Emergency Department.

He said that the organization of this summit comes within the framework of implementing the mandates of the wise leadership in the country as the Authority has paid great attention to holding international meetings to manage emergencies, crises and disasters in the Emirates. Leverage global experiences, expertise and technologies that contribute to strengthening its role and capabilities in responding to emergencies, crises and disasters.

He stressed that the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, due to the support of the wise leadership, has become a shining landmark and a pioneering building in the construction and development process the country is witnessing. Local, regional and international levels, emergencies, crises and disasters.

He pointed out that this year’s summit is particularly important in light of the increasing variety of threats and risks, the emergence of new and complex challenges of non-traditional risks and threats, and rapid technical, technological and electronic changes. There is a need to strengthen international cooperation to properly predict the future and develop capacity to prepare to face challenges and risks and to discuss modern methods of managing disasters and crises.

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He explained that the presence of a distinguished group of high-ranking officials, experts, experts, academics, interested persons and the rich topics covered at the summit contributes to the development of the UAE’s global position and the reality of emergency and disaster. And crisis management in the country, especially in the region and in general in the world, to the best level that guarantees the most accurate and efficient preparation. And to respond to any emergency or crisis, by making the most of these global experiences and expertise participating in summits.

For her part, Sheikha Shamma Bint Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, President and CEO of the UAE Independent Accelerators for Climate Change, said in her keynote address during the summit: “We see how the world as a whole will be affected by the consequences. Crises arise, especially sudden ones for which we are unprepared, but this is where we put more effort into building bridges of dialogue, research, and learning, strengthening technologies, tools, and ideas that serve as tight defense mechanisms. The planet from many dangers in the future, and at the summit of emergency and crisis management, we face one of the best models of collective work, because it is invisible work. Not only for the present, but especially for the future, and signifies. An important advance in ways of thinking by moving from thinking about risk only to its consequences, to how to prevent it in whole or in part.

He added: “Certainly, climate change is one of the most important risks that threatens the entire planet and affects all sectors and aspects of life. In fact, it is a global initiative that requires cooperative work and action in this field, exchange of experiences and support programs and technologies. Consensus This approach will undoubtedly get us closer to what we want in climate action.

On his part, the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, His Excellency Maqsood Cruz, in his keynote speech at the summit, noted that the human being is the main focus when managing emergencies and crises, the National Human Rights Commission has adopted 6 permanent committees in line with the Paris Principles, the first such institution in the country, in an effort to strengthen the human rights process. It works to achieve the Commission’s objectives covering all human rights aspects. A country that places human rights, stability and development among its priorities.

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The concept of human rights should not be limited to crises, but the right to development is one of the rights that should be strengthened before crises occur, including families, the elderly, children, and people. determination and all members of society in their various stages.

Honorable Maqsood Cruz thanked the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority for organizing the event, which was an intellectual event and a great opportunity to discuss ideas and developments related to the sector. People will continue, and from this standpoint we point out that the essence of the crowd is human security above the intellectuals.”

For his part, His Excellency Obaid Rasheed Al-Hussan Al Shamsi, Deputy Chairman of the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, said: “Today we face many challenges that are national and national and we must continue to study the strategic environment around us to maintain. Global Security Indeed, one of the bases for anticipating future risks is supporting ministries and agencies by establishing several advanced, implementing best international standards and practices for handling crises. Operational centers with resources and capabilities equipped with highly advanced resources and systems have advanced the ranks of creative thinking to meet these crises to ensure preparedness and preparedness. “

His Excellency Dr. Saif Al Taheri, Director of the National Operations Center at the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, said: “Forecasting future emergencies and crises is an urgent need for governments to explore future mysteries involving factors. Uncertainty and uncertainty for a world that is more prepared for a sustainable and prosperous future, Explains that the UAE has started to build a national team, concerned with anticipating the future of emergencies and crises supported by analysis of future and emerging trends. The next role of governments in the fields of environment, health, economy and society, keeping pace with this approach, technology, big data and Leverage artificial intelligence tools that can be developed to react more proactively to unexpected and impending crises.

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His Excellency Dr. Saeed Kalban Al Taheri, Director of the Center for Future Studies, University of Dubai, said: “Predicting the future of crises and disasters has become one of the highest priorities in the strategies of governments around the world. We are here in the UAE today to ensure preparedness and preparedness to face these crises and disasters, and Thanks to the thinking of intelligent leadership, we have achieved global leadership in forward-thinking strategic thinking.

The summit focused in one of its sessions, in which he participated, on anticipating emergencies and crises and next-generation risks, ensuring advance planning or preparation to face future risks, whether natural or man-made. His participation in this session comes within the framework of collaboration and joint action with the Center for Future Studies at the University of Dubai and the Department of Hazardous Materials at the National Emergency and Disaster Management Authority in conducting future studies to anticipate the next generation. Risks.

For his part, Dr. Ali bin Seba Al-Marri, CEO of Mohammed bin Rashid School, said the session he participated in was titled “Organization for Developing National Leaders in Emergency and Crisis Management.” Under the theme “Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders to Face Emergencies and Crises”, he highlighted the importance of the role of leaders and officers in preparing, qualifying and empowering future leaders. The importance of an integrated organization to work accordingly with clear and specialized methods and strategies based on knowledge and experience, using previous lessons and experiences as examples and direct examples on the ground, turning these into innovative trends, achieving results, achieving optimal solutions, and qualifying future leaders to deal with crises and emergencies in various fields. He expressed his happiness.

For his part, Dr. Abu Dhabi University Professor of Financial Economics. Charilaos Mertzanis, managing epidemic risks is an important component of maintaining financial stability, as outbreaks of infectious diseases can have significant economic consequences. , which can disrupt supply chains and impede travel and trade, leading to reduced economic activity and potential financial losses.

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