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Which is the smallest known asteroid? .. and which is bigger?



Which is the smallest known asteroid?  .. and which is bigger?


Thursday, 09 March 2023 01:00 AM

Asteroids continue to orbit our solar system, sometimes colliding with planets, including Earth, he said RT.

In this way, in the name of Planetary protectionNASA conducted an experiment called DARTTo deflect a space rock like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.

However, not all asteroids are planet killers. While some are large in size, others are very small. So, what are the largest and smallest recorded asteroids in the solar system?.

In short, the largest asteroid The Solar System It’s Ceres(ceres), which is about 590 miles (950 kilometers) across. A very small asteroid is difficult to identify; The smallest asteroid officially recognized by NASA is called Asteroid 2015 TC25It is 6 feet (2 meters) wide. Some definitions say that asteroids must be at least 3 feet (1 meter) across, but not all scientists agree on this specific size..

The term “meteoride” was coined by the German astronomer William Herschel in 1802. But it turns out that the word – which means “star-like” in Greek – is a misnomer. Instead of glowing balls of plasma, asteroids are small, rocky bodies that carry dust, ice, and sometimes metals..

“It clearly has nothing to do with stars, so it’s a vague term and needs to be defined to begin with,” said Simon Marchi, an astronomer at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado.“.

Asteroids are believed to have formed in the early days of the Solar System when the Sun was surrounded by a dense cloud of dust. As this dust cooled over tens of thousands of years, it began to aggregate into larger and larger clumps, which gained mass as they stuck together. Eventually, some of these objects gained enough mass to become planets. But Marchi said some of the remains were “like fragments”. Some of these “crumbs” became asteroids.

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Today, most asteroids in the Solar System are found in the asteroid belt, a 140 million mile (225 million km) wide halo of rock and dust orbiting in space between Mars and Jupiter. Scientists have recorded nearly a million of these objects so far. Probably millions more, depending on how you count.

The largest known asteroid, Ceres is easy to spot with a telescope. In 1801, it became the first known object in the asteroid belt, according to NASA. In 2006, the giant space rock – which is more spherical than other asteroids and has a thinner atmosphere – was classified as a dwarf planet, the same name given to Pluto. (But Pluto, at 1,473 miles (2,370 kilometers) in diameter, is 14 times larger and larger than Ceres, according to NASA.).

Based on its size and structure, scientists think Ceres can tell us a lot about how planets formed. And if you exclude Ceres based on its dwarf planet status, the largest asteroid is Vesta, which is 326 miles (525 km) in diameter..

Meanwhile, the smallest asteroid is the subject of some controversy. “There’s no official cut-off, so different people have different ideas about what counts as an asteroid,” said Yann Fernandez, an astronomer at the University of Central Florida.“.

Telescopes have found asteroids up to 3 feet in diameter, and tons of smaller objects orbiting in the asteroid belt. However, smaller objects typically burn up once they enter the dense atmosphere of an Earth-like planet, according to NASA..

By this size, they can be classified as meteorites, small pieces of space debris.

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And to make matters even more confusing, asteroids are not always the same size. “There are many ways meteorites lose their material,” Fernandez said. Some crack due to thermal stress as they pass closer to the Sun. Others crash into each other, breaking off chunks of rock in the process.

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Lung Diseases in Winter… 5 Tips to Maintain Health in Elderly



Lung Diseases in Winter… 5 Tips to Maintain Health in Elderly

By Anas al-Banna

Thursday, 7 December, 2023 10:29 AM

Winter marks the best time for the development of many viruses that are active during cold weather and affect many organs of the body, among them the most important ones Lungs Especially among certain groups.

According to my website Health site“, and this” Lung base“Older people and children are prone to lung diseases when the temperature drops, so the following tips should be followed to avoid lung problems in winter.

Monitor indoor air quality

As older adults spend a significant amount of time indoors, indoor air quality should be maintained as well as possible, and studies have shown that improving indoor air quality can significantly benefit respiratory health. Practical measures such as regular ventilation and use of air purifiers show promising reductions. Up to 30% of respiratory-related hospitalizations among the elderly

Take precautions

Emphasis should be placed on adopting multiple preventive measures to improve protection, such as masks, during outbreaks, and their use as a preventive measure to protect against airborne viruses should be encouraged.

Get vaccinated

Taking steps to protect yourself from respiratory infections like influenza, pneumonia, and corona is especially important if you have lung disease or are elderly, because vaccination is one of the most effective ways to maintain your health and reduce the severity of viruses. Problems with your health.

Maintain healthy habits

It is important to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly to strengthen your immune system and increase efficiency. However, in winter you may face difficulties in regular exercise, but you should encourage yourself to improve lung health. The food you eat provides. A body with the nutrients and energy it needs to breathe. Choose light meals. Nutritious.

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Adherence to treatment

Patients with lung disease should not stop taking regular medications without consulting a doctor.

A lung exam is performed

Doctors recommend regular lung health screening, especially for people with a family history of lung disease, smokers and people living in polluted areas.

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“Health” improves national framework on climate change



“Health” improves national framework on climate change

The Ministry of Health and Social Security has announced the update of the UAE National Framework on Climate Change and its Impact on Health as part of efforts to combat climate change and the effects of air pollution on health.

The framework launched by the Ministry, in collaboration with the World Health Organization and in collaboration with relevant government agencies at the state level, aims to address the impact of climate change on health and ensure the well-being of community members.

This happened during a session organized by the ministry as part of the proceedings of the twenty-eighth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) hosted by the United Arab Emirates at Expo City Dubai.

The national framework focuses on several axes: governance, policies and participation to protect health from climate change and resilient health systems to address climate change through robust monitoring, early warning and response. In addition to mobilizing support for improving the public health response to climate change.

Dr Hussain Abdul Rahman Al-Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health at the Ministry of Health and Social Security, said: “A proactive response to climate change in the health sector in the UAE is one of the government’s priorities. The Ministry of Health and Social Security recognizes that having tools to monitor, control and predict disease is a pillar. “This is essential in achieving the declaration of establishing a world-leading health system and renewing the UAE’s national framework. Climate change and its impact on health is part of its efforts and interest to implement effective measures to prevent the impact of climate change and air pollution on health.

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Al-Rand added: “The Ministry worked with its partners to update the national framework by benefiting from its previous experiences when it was launched in 2019, as this update keeps pace with climate changes and changes occurring globally, and helps. Anticipate the consequences of this issue and its implications for changing disease patterns in order to protect the health and well-being of community members.


Head of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Dr. Maysoun Al-Shali and Dr Mazen Malkawi, representative of the World Health Organization, participated in a discussion session following the announcement. National framework, health and environmental policy makers, in the presence of an elite group of experts and health professionals, and climate change, a group of researchers and people interested in climate issues.

The session saw discussions on the importance of the UAE National Framework on Climate Change and Health as it has a strategic response to the public health challenges posed by climate change and ensures its effectiveness and continuity in line with global best practices. Health challenges associated with climate change.

The session focused on addressing current policies on climate change and health, how to integrate climate change into health policies and strategies, improve community participation, raise awareness of the health impacts of climate change, and improve intergovernmental collaboration. , the private sector and international organizations discuss the importance of establishing robust monitoring systems to monitor impacts and climate-related health.


Dr. Maysoun Al-Shali stressed that expert discussions of health and environmental policymakers and climate change experts will improve the effectiveness of this framework and contribute to the development of evidence-based policies and strategies that address the health effects of climate change. To transform and ensure the well-being of populations, the exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices among participants leads to increased awareness and capacity building of climate change and its impact on health.

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It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health and Social Security, as part of its efforts to update the UAE National Framework on Climate Change and its Impact on Health, organized training workshops on measuring and assessing the impacts of climate change. It was discussed, in collaboration with the World Health Organization Regional Office and relevant government agencies in the country, that these workshops included methods and ways to assess the risks of air pollution on health, and implementation of more. Group exercises to measure and assess health vulnerability to climate change and evaluate existing response and adaptation options in the health sector.

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What do you know about “psychological cough”? How to remove it and when do you need a doctor?



What do you know about “psychological cough”?  How to remove it and when do you need a doctor?

By Fatima Yasser

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at 04:00 PM

Dr. Ibrahim Rashid, Consultant Psychiatrist at Qasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine, said that some people, when exposed to psychological stress, tension, anxiety and insomnia, CoughIt is basically the body’s reaction as a result of controlling negative emotions.

The psychological consultant also said that psychological cough is a non-pathological symptom, which means that the person is not sick with a disease like cold or flu, the reason why it is called psychological cough is due to a psychological factor and not pathological.

Rashid pointed out that psychological cough occurs in the form of repeated attacks and increases when a person is stressed and anxious, and is accompanied by certain symptoms such as itching at the back of the throat and inability to breathe normally. In addition to the urge to cough, these symptoms cause insomnia in a person. And if the psychological cause leading to the cough is not controlled and treated, things can get worse.

The mental health consultant explained that dealing with the psychological factors that lead to coughing is one of the most important tips to get rid of it. You can practice yoga as it helps in managing and coping with cough. Tactics that contribute to psychological relaxation and a sense of peace, so don’t hesitate.

If the symptoms get worse, he should consult a psychiatrist to get rid of the stress and anxiety causing the cough, he said, adding that all this happens only after confirming that the person has no other cause. Appearance of cough.

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