January 30, 2023

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حسام البدرى: لماذا يوجه مصطفى محمد الألفاظ السيئة لى.. ماذا فعلت؟

Hosam al-Badri: Why does Mustafa Muhammad use bad words against me .. What did I do?

Hosam El-Badri, the former coach of the Egyptian national team, spoke about the crisis of Mostafa Mohammed during the team’s last match against Capone: “No one can question my control over the dressing room and I have dominated the love of players who have known it throughout my history.

Al-Badri explained: “Mustafa Mohammed was late for camp, when I was asked, I understood his position and told him that it was difficult to participate, so if my relationship with him was not good, how did he participate in the second match and score a goal?

Al-Badri said in a televised statement: “There may be a difference of opinion on the technicalities, but there is respect, this is what happened to my career and with al-Ahly and the big stars, but I did not lose control. Mustafa Mohammed himself came in. He said he was nervous because he scored too late.” People say he directs the words to the coach, why did they distract me in the first place? What happened to me? “

Al-Badri added: “My relationship with Mohamed Salah is good. If my relationship with him is not good, how was he selected as the captain of the team with the consent of the senior players? We see.

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