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It seems that Apple will not soon allow Eurocommernet in its devices


The latest epic hopeless lawsuit against Apple – and in it Lost all but one legal challenge It may be over now, but the play continues. Apple has said it will not reinstate its Fortune developer account until the appeal process is over – meaning the Battle will not be available on Royal Apple devices for years.

Apple initially canceled Epic’s Fordnight developer account – preventing Fordnight from distributing it to its devices – last August, after Epic deliberately violated its FordNight iOS processor, and Apple “deliberately violated the agreement”.

Epic This operation failedFortnight was not available on Apple devices for the duration of its legal process. Now, however, a court ruling – insisting that Apple is subject to its right to disqualify Fortnite from its App Store – prompts Epic to recreate its developer account, this time directly appealing to Apple.

This video was created as part of Epic’s planned Freeford Night campaign.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney is now Joint correspondence Related to this request on Twitter. A Initial emailSweeney, while talking to Apple CEO Bill Schiller, called on Apple to re-establish the Epic Fortnight Knight developer account, highlighting the various situations Apple expects to meet before bringing the Epic Fortnight to the App Store again.

“The choice of epic for Fortnight iPods to return to consumers depends on where Apple updates its guidance to strike a balance between Apple in-app purchases and other payment methods,” Sweeney wrote. If customers are allowed to add external links to purchases, there are no limits to a good user experience.

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A Email between Apple and Epic Law RepresentativeApple has confirmed that it does not want “an epic developer review” at the moment, citing the epic “dual behavior of the past”.

“Saga intentional breach of contract, breach of trust, Apple code ambiguity and related misinterpretations and deficiencies,” Apple wrote. In its conclusion, “Apple reserves the right to operate as such. These rights have been imposed. [Epic’s] Epic games are expected to have their own internal documentation.

“Following this decision, Apple moved,” Sweeney said publicly.[w]Can’t trade [an alternative payment system] Get ready for Fortnight on iOS. In light of this and other court rulings, with Epic duplicity in the past, Apple has not used its option to re-establish the Epic developer account for now. The decision of the District Court cannot be appealed until it is final.

Sweeney Apple released the documents on Twitter, saying, “The world, the courts and the press will welcome a return to the Epic App Store if they agree to play by the same rules as everyone else.” Admittedly, Apple is now abusing its monopoly power to over a billion users. Epic, of course, has not been able to prove Apple’s monopoly on mobile games in its latest case.

“Just last week, Sweeney continued,” Epic agreed with Apple, adding that we would all play like that. “At midnight yesterday, Fortnight announced to Apple how all appeals from the ecosystem would be resolved. This could take up to 5 years,” says Sweeney. He plans to appeal the court ruling this monthDo not expect Fortnight to return to Apple devices soon.

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