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Libya .. A decisive session before the “bargaining game”


The significance of the session lies in the general parliamentary course to overthrow the government of Abdul Hameed Tabaiba, and at the present stage several names are being nominated after him, which raises the important question of the possibility of the government responding. Will that decision contribute to resolving the crisis and the decision taken if Parliament is dissolved?

Abdel Monim al-Yasser, the former head of the National Security Council of the Libyan General National Congress, described the current situation as “similar”.Musical chair gameIndicates that the purpose of bargaining is none other than the interest of the country and the citizen.

Al-Yasser explained in a statement to Sky News Arabia that what is happening in parliament now is not aimed at real change. BrotherhoodThis proves that everyone has agreements to continue in office and to take advantage of the current situation. “

He added, “The current uncertainty and NGO situation will not end without a genuine international will to end the Libyan crisis.” . “

Libyan political expert Radwan al-Bitouri agrees with al-Yasser because he believes the current situation, uncontrolled weapons and militancy, will not lead Libyans to a ballot box, but to war and re-fighting.

Referring to the ways in which any decision regarding the current caretaker government can be implemented, al-Fitouri noted that last year’s decision to withdraw confidence from the government, “most of the decisions of the parliament have not been implemented and are being ignored.” Taiba government That decision has not been implemented.

The Libyan politician pointed out that the government’s reaction to the earlier decision was still clinging to power, and that Taiba had announced his candidacy for the presidency and backtracked on the promises he had made in the Geneva agreement.

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In a statement to Sky News Arabia, al-Fidouri continued: “There is no guarantee that any decision issued by parliament or the judiciary will be implemented, except in the presence of a unified military body that compels everyone to respect democracy.”

The Libyan politician pointed out that if the government is dismissed, the new government will not be able to enter the captive capital of Tripoli for militants and personal accounts.

The capital of Libya On Sunday, the Interior Ministry said the “former Green Square” between the militants was “out of control” as a result of the chaotic situation, with clashes erupting with light and medium weapons near the port of Tripoli and Martyrs’ Square. “

Government of Technology

On the parliamentary trend of dismissing the government and forming a government of technocrats, Abdel Aziz Akila, a professor of political science at the University of Sirte, said that with the current political scenario, the government cannot be rejected or changed.

Akila pointed out that the current government is “the result of the Geneva Convention, in which parliament was part of its parties and Tabi’ba agreed to lead the government.” Will provide power. “

The professor expected Political scienceExcept for the rejection of the idea of ​​a change of government by the UN embassy, ​​any attempt to approach the government failed, given the complexity of the current situation of the State Council that was part of the Geneva Convention.

He emphasized that the current situation was the result of a deviation from the road map, which was the only way out for the country from chaos and crisis, and that each party was trying to stick to power as much as possible.

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Very close-up view

Commenting on the audience’s expectations for the next stage if parliament decides to dismiss the government, al-Bitouri said, “The government and its prime minister will never hand over power. The current equation is to link corrupt money to interests.”

According to al-Yasir, the only way to resolve the current crisis is to “present … International Community Full support for the implementation of the 5 + 5 clauses, the expulsion of mercenaries, the disarmament of militants and the unification of the military, the country succeeds in creating truly legitimate institutions free from the control of militant and extremist groups.

On Monday, the House of Representatives will hold a session that will be crucial in determining the parameters of a roadmap, the continuation or change of government, the formation of a new presidential committee, the holding of elections, or other alternatives.

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