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Mohammed bin Rashid promulgated the “Dubai Taxi Company” Act.


As Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister, promulgated Law No. (21) of 2023 regarding the Dubai Taxi Company.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Governing Council of the Emirate of Dubai, issued Council Resolution No. (93) of 2023 approving the Bylaws of the Dubai Taxi Company (BJSC). According to the percentages determined by the Dubai Emirate Board of Directors, the objectives and powers of the company, as well as the procedures for appointing and electing its board, the rules and regulations therein, including the issue of shares of the company for public subscription, directors and other rules governing the work of the company.

Dubai Crown Prince Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younis issued Board of Directors Resolution No. (92) of 2023 to form the Board of Directors of Dubai Taxi Company. Hamad Pushahab, Yusuf Ahmad bin Khalida and Dr. Hanan Sulaiman al-Suwaidi, Abdullah Muhammad bin Tamidan and Isa Abdullah bin Natuf, the law and the two decisions are implemented from the date of their publication and are published in the official gazette.

Dubai Taxi Company (BSC)

Dubai Taxi Corporation, 2016 Executive Council Resolution No. (48) to amend the legal nature of the Dubai Taxi Corporation regulated under s. 48 to become a Public Joint Stock Company entitled “Dubai Taxi Company (BJSC)” enjoying legal personality, finance. and administrative independence and legal capacity. The Act also provides for the change of the term “Dubai Taxi Corporation” to “Dubai Taxi Company (PSC)” in the applicable law in the emirate.

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Settlements and Devolution

By law, Dubai Taxi Company (PJSC) replaces Dubai Taxi Corporation in all applicable laws in the Emirate and exercises all powers vested in the Corporation under these laws.

All rights, assets, funds, material and moral assets and privileges, as well as obligations, guarantees and undertakings belonging to the Company, whether inside or outside the Emirate, shall be transferred to the Company.

The Act also stipulates that the title and registration of all assets, rights and obligations transferred to the company shall be transferred in its name or in the name of any company owned or affiliated to it, in accordance with applicable law. The emirate, and relevant government agencies, shall, at the company’s request, take necessary steps to complete the transfer and registration process.

The law stipulates that the duration of the company shall be ninety-nine years commencing from the date of registration in the commercial register as per the law in force in the emirate and automatically renewed for similar periods as per the terms of the company. .

Objectives of the company

The law clarifies the purposes of the company by means of transport aircraft, communication, electronic media or smart applications, practicing special transport operation by taxi vehicles, practicing special transport operation by self, in accordance with the law in force in the emirate. Driving vehicles and aerial vehicles and renting vehicles as per applicable law. Providing services for provision and provision of drivers, with or without driver, and carrying out operations of renting bicycles to freight transport companies. Articles of Association of the Society.

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Passenger transport service

Dubai Taxi Company (PJSC), in accordance with the text of the law, carries out the activity of providing passenger transport services in the areas and places specified by the law in force in the emirate, or designated by a decision issued by the President. Dubai Emirate Administrative Council.

The Company may outsource the activity of providing passenger transportation services according to the contract concluded by the Company with the companies and organizations willing to provide this service, according to which its duration and the rights and obligations of both parties are determined. The Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai shall approve these bylaws.

The law stipulates that the Dubai Taxi Company (PJSC) shall have a Board of Directors, which shall be appointed by decision of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirate of Dubai. The Act also specifies the powers of the Council,

The Act obliges all government agencies to fully cooperate with the Corporation in order to exercise the powers assigned to it under the Corporation’s Bylaws and the law in force in the Emirate, and for purposes conducive to the achievement of its objectives. Whenever they ask for it.


Pursuant to Act No. (21) of 2023, Executive Council Resolution No. (48) of 2016 relating to the Dubai Taxi Corporation shall repeal any text contained in any other Act to the extent inconsistent with the provisions of this Act. , decisions, regulations and instructions issued in the implementation shall continue to be implemented.Executive Council Resolution No. (48) of 2016, to the extent not inconsistent with the provisions of the Act, decisions, regulations and instructions are provided for its modification.

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