March 20, 2023

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NASA has completed the use of the world's most powerful space telescope

NASA has completed the use of the world’s most powerful space telescope

Scientists in the flight control room were able to install the last piece of glass, 6.5 meters high, in place to complete the deployment process. James Webb Telescope Space alien.

Thomas Surbuchen, head of scientific expeditions NASA “So glad it was. What an amazing achievement, to see this beautiful figure in the sky right now.”

Web telescope, very powerful Hubble telescopeThe $ 10 billion project will scan the universe for light flowing from the first stars and galaxies that formed 13.7 billion years ago. To achieve this, NASA had to decorate the web with the largest and most sensitive glass ever launched into space – his “golden eye” as scientists call it.

The web telescope was so large that it had to be folded like origami to fit a rocket launched from South America two weeks ago.

The most dangerous surgery took place when he was released earlier this week Solar shield The size of the tennis court, which provides sub-zero shade for mirrors and infrared finders.

Baltimore air traffic controllers began opening the windshield on Friday, opening the desk-style left side with folds. On Saturday, it filled the mood of optimism as it was positioned to the right of the control room.

Made of glass BerylliumIt is a lightweight, strong and cold resistant metal. Each of its 18 parts is covered with a very thin layer of gold that reflects infrared rays. Also the hexagons, each the size of a coffee table, need to be adjusted in the coming days and weeks so that they focus on the stars, galaxies and galaxies.New worlds May have symptoms of living in the atmosphere.

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Webb is expected to reach his target of 1.6 million kilometers in two more weeks. If all goes according to plan, science fiction will begin this summer. And hope Astronomers In a study conducted 100 million years after the creation of the universe The big bangBetter than Hubble.