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Register to benefit from direct community support at www.asd.ma


Register to benefit from direct community support at www.asd.ma

The government launched an action Register In this royal program, today is Saturday, through the electronic portal www.asd.maFor those who wish to make a deposit Request to benefit from direct social support Those who fulfill the conditions for the benefit, then Registration in the National Register of Population (RNP). and the Unified Social Register (RSU), as an embodiment of government directives aimed at downloading Direct social support project asd.ma completed in 2023.

Introduction to Direct Social Support System www.asd.ma

The Direct Social Support System is a national program that aims to improve the living conditions of families with school-age children or families in vulnerable situations, and who do not currently benefit from any family compensation in accordance with legislation and regulation. Targeted families will receive monthly social support of not less than 500 dirhams per month, depending on the composition of each family and the status of its members, with texts in place aimed at supporting their purchasing power. After fulfilling the eligibility conditions prescribed by the law, especially meeting the threshold based on the assessment obtained in the Consolidated Social Register (RSU).

Categories that benefit from direct social support www.asd.ma

The program targets millions of families who currently do not benefit from any family compensation under the existing legislative and regulatory texts, especially those with children under the age of twenty-one or those who are childless or have children. People above this age and in vulnerable situations.

Register to benefit from live community support at asd.ma

Direct Social Funding Support Platform

Asd.ma is an electronic platform for registering direct social support. Direct Social Support in Morocco is a government program aimed at helping poor and needy families in Morocco.

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Progress Direct Social Funding Support Platform A unique opportunity for individuals to experience financial support in an interactive and live environment. This article discusses the conditions for benefiting from this special financial support as it reviews the steps and requirements that participants must meet to enjoy the benefits of this platform. www.asd.ma .

Objectives of Asd.ma, a direct social support platform

platform asd.ma Towards the goal:

1. Improving the quality of life of social groups facing greatest need by providing necessary financial and social support.

2. Working to reduce poverty and social fragility in Morocco, it contributes to improving stability and well-being.

3. Promoting social justice and equality among different sections of society, ensuring a more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

platform asd.ma It is considered an important step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the goal of eradicating poverty in all its forms. By providing this type of support, the platform seeks to achieve a positive and tangible impact on the lives of individuals and families in Morocco.

 Register to benefit from direct community support at www.asd.ma

Conditions for benefiting from direct social support in Morocco asd.ma

This is a platform asd.ma It is an essential part of the Moroccan government’s initiatives to provide direct social support to families and individuals in need. This digital platform is concerned with providing monthly financial assistance to low-income families and provides support to the disabled in addition to other social programs.

To benefit from direct social support, applicants must meet specific criteria:

1. Registration in the Integrated Social Registry.

2. Moroccan nationality for head of household.

3. Registration in the National Registry.

4. Permanent residence in Morocco.

Belongs to one of the target groups of the project:

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– People with mental disabilities.

– People with physical disabilities.

– Poor families.

– Families affected by disability, unemployment or chronic illnesses.

– People with emotional disabilities.

– People with complex disabilities.

Direct social support benefits

Benefits for protection against childhood-related risks.

A) Monthly Allowance:

It is given to each child under the age of twenty-one and to a family of up to six children, and the amount is determined according to the child’s age and course of study. The family, up to the above mentioned age, is benefited by this grant to the child sponsored by it.

A family of up to three children is provided with spousal support for each disabled child and for each orphaned child on the father’s side, regardless of the number of children. Exception to age requirement for disabled child when custodial mother is widow.

Targeted families will receive monthly social support, which varies depending on the composition of each family and the situation of its members, but not less. 500 dirhams Monthly minimum.

b) Birth Allowance:

A single payment is given to each target family during the first and second delivery, regardless of the number of newborns in each birth. 2,000 dirhams About the first birth, and1,000 dirhams About the second birth.

Total Subsidy

For families without children or those with children above 21 years of age, they will benefit. 500 per month.

The first floor is available December 2, 2023 For families registered in the Social Register, meeting certain thresholds.

Members of these families can submit applications for financial assistance on the platform By the end of December 2023. Financial assistance will be disbursed directly to the head of the household’s accounts in banks or approved performance agencies.

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 Register to benefit from direct community support at www.asd.ma

Live community support platform  Register to benefit from direct community support at www.asd.ma

Documents required to benefit from direct social support www.asd.ma

Apply for direct social support via electronic platform www.asd.maApplicants must provide a set of basic documents to complete the application. The required documents are as follows:

1. Copy of Beneficiary’s National Identity Card.

2. Copy of disability certificate if beneficiary is disabled.

3. A copy of the Beneficiary’s birth certificate.

4. Copy of residence certificate showing the residence of the beneficiary.

5. Certificate proving the monthly income of the beneficiary.

These documents are necessary to assess the application and ensure that the applicant meets the necessary conditions to receive support. Applicants should ensure that these documents are complete and correct before applying through the platform.

How to register on asd.ma, a live social support site

Sign up for live community support site asd.maFollow these steps:

1. Visit the website of the Direct Funding Support site via the link asd.ma

2. Enter the required personal information and create a new account on the platform. These include:

– Personal and family name.

– date of birth.


– phone number.

-e-mail address.

3. Click the “Register” button to complete the account creation.

4. Fill the application form to benefit from direct financial assistance available on the platform.

5. Download the required documents in PDF format.

6. Click on “Submit” button to submit the application.

To ensure that there are no delays or problems in processing the application, it is important to ensure that the information provided and the documents attached are correct and accurate.

Registration website link to benefit from live community support:

Click here

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