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Rich wealth for the body .. What are the benefits of milk for dental health?  |  Health |  Essential Information for Better Health |  DW

Rich wealth for the body .. What are the benefits of milk for dental health? | Health | Essential Information for Better Health | DW

Cow’s milk is known to be rich in essential nutrients for a healthy body, including vitamin B12, riboflavin, niacin, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, zinc and selenium. Eating a glass or two of milk a day is one of the best ways to get calcium and vitamin D, which helps build and maintain strong bones.

Milk is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that the body uses to maintain bones and teeth. Calcium supports vital metabolic processes, and the body stores 98 percent of it in your bones and teeth, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It is used by our body as a repository to constantly remodel our bones throughout our lives.

To get healthy teeth, you need to make sure you get enough calcium daily because this is what the body uses to make enamel and dentin. According to information published by Live Science.

Dr. Sunita de Soyza, a dentist, explains that milk is rich in various minerals that contribute to dental health. “Milk contains many useful minerals, vitamins and proteins that make it an excellent drink for your health and the health of your teeth,” he says.

Milk also contains casein protein, which forms a protective layer on the surface of the teeth, protecting it from cavities. It contains Vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium and phosphorus from your diet, as well as repair damaged tendons and helps the immune system fight gum disease.

Milk is high in nutrients

But you should pay attention, in addition to the richness of calcium in milk, it contains a high percentage of sugar called lactose (which can not be digested by some bodies).

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And if you eat without brushing your teeth before going to bed, these sugars will act like other sugars and cause tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth like sugar and produce enamel layer dissolving acids over time, which is why it is recommended to brush your teeth before bed.

Doctors point out that milk is effective in protecting the enamel because it helps to neutralize the acid or sugar attacks on the teeth and stimulates the production of saliva which has antimicrobial properties and also fights tooth decay and gum disease.

Dietitian Carly Knowles recommends drinking whole milk for added health benefits of increased omega-3 fatty acids (healthy fats). According to a news release from the American website (Tring That That).