March 29, 2023

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Samsung Introduces HDR10 + Gaming Monitors

Announced Samsung has announced that select 4K and 8K TVs and gaming monitors for 2022 will support the new HDR10 + gaming standard, providing gamers with the fastest and most responsive HDR gaming experience.

The HDR10 + gaming standard is an extended, cam-focused version of HDR10 that can be calibrated automatically. HDR10 + Gaming was announced in October. But Samsung is now revealing a line that supports the standard.

The new, sophisticated HDR compiler will be released at CES 2022 with 4K and 8K capabilities, all powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

“We are very proud to announce that the new HDR10 + gaming standard will be compatible with Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED line with Q70 series TVs and gaming monitors,” the company said. This allows users to enjoy the game experience with enhanced visuals and rich realistic visuals.

“Samsung continues to invest in users’ visual experiences as technology continues to advance, offering new and improved features and capabilities.”

Developed by HDR10 + Technologies, this new standard provides game developers with the tools they need to deliver a compelling and consistent HDR gaming experience to gamers. This is done without the need for manual calibration on various display technologies for different input sources, including operating systems, computers, and more.

Samsung’s 2022 gaming and TV screen line supports the HDR10 + gaming standard by allowing automatic HDR calibration.

And provides automatic HDR calibration image quality to meet the needs of game developers. This translates to one of the most responsive and accurate gaming experiences available to date.

Samsung supports HDR10 + for gaming

By eliminating the need for manual settings when loading games. The game engine automatically enhances the video game content in real time.

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This feature stabilizes details in darker shades and preserves brighter highlights. This allows players to view and interact with everything on the screen.

It launches the monitor in actual reference mode. It provides better colors without players spending extra time on game settings.

Many gaming companies, including Saber Interactive, are expected to showcase HDR10 + captions for games at the upcoming CES 2022.

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