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Speed ​​up Windows 7 steps, and what are the benefits of Windows 7? What are the advantages removed from it?


Speeding up Windows 7 Undoubtedly, Windows 7 is fast, but we can make it very fast, which means we can run it at full speed, and Windows is like anything that doesn’t load a lot of things and needs a lot of tasks. It expects a shuttle to perform, and of course it can’t. Since many things like hardware resources limit you, in this article we will learn how to speed up Windows 7.

Windows 7 Acceleration

  • Restart the device: Restarting the device is one of the solutions that can help speed up a slow computer temporarily, as it tries to refresh the memory and solves the problem of some programs and services running incorrectly, this can be done by restarting or turning it off. Leave it for a few seconds. Again, before doing this you should consider saving the projects you’ve worked on to avoid losing them.

  • Performance Tuner: This tool is installed by default in Windows and mitigates issues that slow down your computer. Here are the steps to use this tool on Windows PC.

The first step is to remove unwanted programs:

  • A Windows 7 computer can be speeded up by removing various programs that the user deems unnecessary and no longer needed, and by removing these programs whether by default or installed by the user.
  • Additional programs that do not have resources for various hardware such as Random Access Memory (RAM) and Central Processing Unit (CPU), these programs can be uninstalled from the Control Panel in Windows 7 or by using some special external software (Revo Uninstaller). ) (PCDecrapifier).

The second way to remove malware is:

The third time is to reduce the starting table:

  • You can speed up Windows 7 by reducing the number of programs running at device startup; As these programs increase the time required to run the device, they can slow down and you can view these programs by opening the notification menu located in the corner of the computer desktop.

  • Here are some examples of solutions that can help reduce and speed up device slowdowns: use performance adjustments, clean the hard drive of unnecessary files, run fewer programs at the same time, reboot the device, increase random access memory. (data storage).
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This site provides more information about updating Windows 7 to 10 in free and easy steps through the following link: Update Windows 7 with Free and Easy Steps

Windows 7 features

  • The most important features of Windows 7 are support for virtual hard drives, signature recognition, improved ability to work with multi-core processors, improved boot performance and direct access, and an improved Core Core.
  • Windows 7 also added support for computers using a variety of cards and graphics, added good copies of Windows Media Center, and added Windows plug-ins that slide onto the desktop, but XPS and Windows Burchill were improved.
  • Calculator for Programmers and Scientific Calculator It has been redesigned on Windows to work with some presets, such as Basic Calculator, and added the ability to convert known measurements of length from meters to yards.
  • Additional settings such as checking the display quality of text in clear text, calibrating the appearance of colors and controlling desktop extensions are included in the control panel.
  • Windows Security Center has been renamed as Windows Maintenance Center, which includes tools to control and maintain system security, and ReadyBoost technology is now supported on all 32 versions of the system with up to 256 GB of allocation.
  • The system came to support images in their raw form by adding a Windows Image component to the programs you use to decode images, which supported the creation of cool thumbnails and the recognition of additional image data.
  • Windows Defender is also included, Windows Security Essentials free antivirus can be downloaded for free, all copies have a backup, the recovery system automatically replaces “previous copies” of user files used almost every day for better backup and restore. Solution Windows Recovery Environment – Automatic Installation – Replaces the Windows XP Recovery Console.
  • The biggest change has been to the taskbar, where you can now pin program icons to ribbon program buttons with task buttons.
  • These buttons make it easy to access jump menus that provide quick access to common tasks, and on the other end is a rectangular button that displays the desktop next to the clock.
  • This button is one of the new features in Windows 7. It’s called the aero look. By pointing the button, all maximized windows of the program are hidden and the user can see the desktop as if wearing magic glasses.
  • This button will be larger on tablets and touch devices (8 points illumination) to make it easier for the user to touch. Clicking this button will make all windows disappear, and clicking it will return them to the state they were in before the first click.
  • Windows 7 includes 13 additional audio templates, and users have the ability to enable, disable, or customize Windows components over Windows Vista.
  • A good copy of Windows Virtual PC built into Windows 7 Professional Edition, Business Edition and Full Edition allows running multiple Windows environments (including Windows XP) on the same computer.
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You can know more about Windows 10 not connected to wireless network step-by-step solution from the link described: Windows 10 not connected to wireless network step-by-step solution

Features removed

  • Some capabilities and programs that were not available under Vista in version 7 have been changed or changed, including the Start Menu interface, some taskbar functions, Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Ultimate Extras, and Inkball, which have been lost.
  • There are four programs that are not included in Windows 7, these four programs are called Windows Vista suite, but there is nothing wrong with that because there is a suite called Windows Live Essentials from Microsoft. The same task as four programs that are not in Windows 7.

The site provides you with more information on how to download a copy of Windows 10 and the benefits of Windows 10? Via the link below: How to download a copy of Windows 10 and what are the benefits of Windows 10?

Touch feature

  • Windows 7 enables computer users to work by clicking instead of pointing and clicking, and the move confirms Bill Gates’ announcement that the human relationship with computers will change drastically in the next five years.
  • Gates expected users to be able to view their photos and listen to their favorite music within five years. Using such a device with a touch screen, Gates introduced the computer as a large flat table with areas where they could touch the computer. To issue commands and instructions.
  • Gates had been speculating about this for years, so he developed devices such as a digital pen or a laptop with a touch screen, but this device did not meet much demand.
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For more information about Windows 7 activation key and steps to fix it, you can click on the attached link: What is Windows 7 Activation Key and steps to fix it?

In this article, we learned how to speed up Windows 7, learned the features of Windows 7, what features were removed from it and talked about the touch feature.

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