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These are the most important beneficiaries of the series “The Butcher of Giza” after its airing.


The series “The Assassin of Giza” ended on the “Shahid VIP” site, and its effects continue to this day. Its presentation witnessed many unique events and contributed to the return of many artists to the forefront. Discovery of many new stars and others.

Ahmad Fahmi is the most prominent beneficiary of the “The Killer of Giza” series.

Artist Ahmed Fahmi is considered one of the most important beneficiaries of “The Assassin of Giza” series after he regained confidence in his acting skills and his stardom outside of comedy works. “The Assassin of Giza” series is considered his first dramatic work. Belonging to the world of mystery and crime, apart from his first dramatic work on the stage.” Watch VIP”, and Ahmed Fahmi succeeded in attracting viewers to the series and topped social media throughout the series’ run. A new addition to his artistic career after many successes and popular only in comedy works, this series wrote his birth certificate in serious and complex roles.

Ahmed Fahmy in “The Killer of Giza” series

Ahmed Fahmy received many accolades for his series “The Butcher of Giza” because of his unexpected artistic choices and his acting far from comedy. And he delivered a complex psychological drama in the character of “Jabar” or “The”. “The Butcher of Giza”, which required great effort and diverse acting skills, made Ahmad Fahmy the most important beneficiary of the series, especially since he did not win the series “Sara Al-Batta” in the last Ramadan season compared to the series “The Killer of Giza”, which was his compensation for losing the Ramadan competition. Considered and a testament to his acting skills outside of comedy.

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Ahmed Fahmi in a series "Butcher of Giza"
Ahmed Fahmy and Mimi Kamal in the series “The Killer of Giza”.

Ahmad Fahmi said in recent TV reports that he experienced conflicting and strange feelings this year as he was filming the movie “Mr. Police, Psychological” and the series involved the character of a “serial killer”. He felt psychologically and physically exhausted because of the traumatic scenes filmed at his workplace and because of its difficulty. Ahmed Fahmi in his statements that some people believe that comedy is easy, but some people need work for comedy. Al-Baqauri helped him a lot in portraying the character of “The Butcher of Giza”, especially in choosing the features of the character. The way he speaks, and helps him focus on the character and preserve its features and rhythm. Throughout the series.

Rakeen Saath
Rakeen Saath

Rakeen Saath and Dalia Shockey

In addition to Ahmad Fahmi, the events of “The Killer of Giza” series strongly introduced many young stars to the audience, especially the artist Rakeen Saad, who has done his most important roles so far through the series, and is considered one of the most important artistic faces of the series and has been rising in recent years. Rakeen Saath achieved remarkable artistry in the series with the character “Jeena”. The series is considered one of his biggest roles. Art career, which represents a new starting point and change in his life.

Dalia Shockey
Dalia Shockey

The same is true for young artist Dalia Shockey, who has been at the top of social media for days because of the audience’s connection with her character “Salma” in the series, which is considered to be the most important character she has given in her artistic career so far. And despite his reviews on some websites, the audience got to know him at work. However, he also got the support of many stars and his name became popular on social media due to the split in his performance. making him one of the most important beneficiaries of the series’ public success.

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Hanan Yusuf
Hanan Yusuf

Old stars return to the forefront

Apart from the young faces, the series also reintroduced many older stars to the screen in different roles, led by artiste Hanan Youssef, who played the mother of “Gisa’s Butcher”. His role is immense. Appreciation from the audience, and some saw the role as a reminder to the audience of her acting prowess, and the show was about artiste Mimi Kamal, who was absent for a while due to her retirement, and managed to re-engage the audience. Recently with several roles, especially his brief participation in the series “The Killer of Giza”.

Samar Tariq
Samar Tariq

Song Inventions

Apart from the acting, the series gave the audience many new discoveries in the world of music, led by young singer Samar Tariq, who rendered the main song of the series, “Aatma” and became a huge hit due to its success. The song and its connection to the events of the series, aside from the return of the late artist Badria Al-Sayed to the lead, and another, the audience remembered it because of the song “Justice Above All” used in the events. During the 7-day period from August 26 to September 1 of the series, the song “Justice Above All” increased its listen rate by 48,200% on the Spotify platform, reaching number one on the song list. 50 most popular songs in Egypt, and topped the YouTube trend for a while. As for the song “Atma” by singer Samar Tariq and Al-Waili, it ranked second in the list of 50 most popular songs in Egypt. 2,300%.

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Images from the accounts of stars on Instagram, Shahid site and Spotify.

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