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Death of Michael Parkinson, the “King of Talk Shows” in Britain



Death of Michael Parkinson, the “King of Talk Shows” in Britain

Kiev announced gains on the South-Eastern Front and advanced towards the Sea of ​​Azov

On Thursday, the Ukrainian army announced major successes in its counteroffensive against Russian forces in the southeastern corner, a day after it announced the liberation of a village that had been a stronghold for Russia.

Ukrainian soldiers train amid ongoing Russian invasion of country (Reuters)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced Wednesday that his country is “significantly” intensifying the production of drones.

In his late-night video address, Zelensky emphasized the importance of drones in defending his country against a Russian invasion, saying, “Drones are eyes and protection on the front line… drones are a guarantee that people don’t have to give their lives. , when they can be used.” He also stressed the importance of providing drones by international partners.

“In every combat unit, warfighters are the first to ask about drones, electronic warfare and military air defense,” he said, referring to several front-line surveys he’s conducted in recent days.

The military said Ukrainian forces had advanced south of Orozhin, a village in Donetsk region that Kiev said it had recaptured on Wednesday, as it tried to build momentum for a push south into the occupied territory towards the Sea of ​​Azov.

“South of Uruzhin (Ukrainian forces) have achieved success,” military spokesman Andriy Kovalev said in comments broadcast on national television. He did not elaborate.

Orozhin is the first village Kiev has declared recaptured since July 27, underscoring the challenge Ukrainian forces face as they try to advance through heavily cut Russian defense lines without strong air support. The village is located 100 kilometers west of the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk.

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Kovalev, quoted by Reuters, said heavy fighting was taking place in the Kharkiv region in the country’s northeast and around a village in the far east of Baghmut. months. He continued, “The enemy launched unsuccessful offensive operations in the Senkivka region of Kharkiv region and Budanivka in Donetsk. There are fierce battles going on. He added, “In the direction of Pakmut, (Ukrainian) self-defense forces continue to carry out offensive operations south of Pakmut.”

A Ukrainian soldier sees a Russian tank on his screen while piloting a drone to conduct a reconnaissance mission on the outskirts of Kremyna (AP).

A Ukrainian general said Wednesday that Russia was launching an attack on Kopiensk, a city in the Kharkiv region, but Kovalev said Ukraine would respond to that attack, as well as Russian attacks north of Baghmuth and near the city of Liman.

Zelensky with a soldier in Donetsk (AFP).

In a negative development from Kiev, Ukraine appears to have given up hope of acquiring US F-16 fighter jets this year, after months of pressing Western allies to provide the advanced aircraft to defend against a Russian invasion. “It is clear that Ukraine cannot be defended with F-16s in the coming autumn or winter,” Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat told Ukrainian television. He said that Ukraine will not be able to receive F-16 fighter jets from allies in the coming autumn or winter, so it is necessary to strengthen air defense now. Ihnat stressed that F-16 fighter jets should not be expected to arrive in Ukraine this coming fall or winter.

Danish Prime Minister stands in front of the “F-16” the Biden administration decided to provide to Ukraine after hesitation (AFP)

Ihnad said, “There are many hopes that these aircraft will become part of the air defense system and that they will protect us from Russian missile and drone attacks.” Ukrainian media quoted Ihnad as saying that one of the signs of progress was that Ukrainian pilots and technicians could start training on planes “in the near future.”

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The Netherlands and Denmark, members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), provide an 11-nation joint training of Ukrainian pilots for Western fighter jets.

On the other hand, an intelligence assessment published by the British Ministry of Defense on developments in the war in Ukraine, today Thursday, says that despite the pressures of the current war, Ukrainian efforts to provide fuel reserves are likely to succeed. Ensuring adequate winter stocking.

The British Ministry of Defense, in its daily intelligence update published on the “X” site (formerly “Twitter”), said that Ukraine was effective in strengthening the mining sector to maintain production and ensure a continuous supply of coal for thermal power. Plants and heating in winter, large gas reserves provide additional reserves.

President Biden’s decision to train Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 is an important change (AFP)

While Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy sector infrastructure will continue this winter, Ukraine demonstrated last winter that it has the skilled and experienced workforce to operate and maintain the power grid, even in a war situation. Russian forces repeatedly targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure last winter, leaving thousands of homes without electricity or heat for days amid freezing temperatures.

A view from central Moscow after the Ukrainian bombing by drones (Reuters)

The press office of the Russian Federal Security Service announced that agents of the agency in the Luhansk People’s Republic arrested a Ukrainian citizen who transferred data on the locations of military personnel and military equipment to the intelligence services of a foreign country.

The Russian Federal Security Service said in a statement that since October 2022, a Ukrainian citizen has been collecting data on military personnel and military equipment of the People’s Militia and the Russian Armed Forces in the Luhansk People’s Republic. It was also transferred to the intelligence services of a foreign country for use against them.” Defense of the Russian Federation, “reported by the Russian TASS news agency.”

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“Investigators of the Federal Security Service charged him with an offense under Article 276 (espionage) of the Russian Criminal Code,” the statement added. The man is currently in custody and investigations are underway, the statement said.

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“Issa” Al-Masri has been shortlisted for the French “Cesar” awards



“Issa” Al-Masri has been shortlisted for the French “Cesar” awards

In Argentina… fear of random and dangerous plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise in Argentina, which is sometimes performed without any supervision, a reality highlighted by the recent death of an Argentine actress suspected of dying from side effects of this type of surgery.

Silvina Luna, who was 43 at the time of her death, appeared on the Argentine version of “Big Brother,” and the blonde, blue-eyed woman later launched a career that combined modeling and TV shows.

In 2011, Luna underwent surgery to increase the size of her buttocks, but she suffered from infections, complications, hypercalcemia, and kidney failure that left her hospitalized for weeks for a transplant, but she died at the end of August.

A woman held a picture of the late actress, model and TV presenter Silvina Luna during a demonstration outside the home of surgeon Anibal Ludogi, whose plastic surgery using methacrylate (AFP) killed at least two of his patients.

Her family’s lawyer, Fernando Borlando, said in early September, following an autopsy on her body: “No one can tolerate this amount of synthetic material in the body,” noting that he saw “how many solid materials appeared mixed in.” Human tissues were extracted from the body.”

Anibal Ludogi, the surgeon who operated on Luna, was sentenced to four years in prison in 2022, but was acquitted. He was banned from practicing his profession for five years after being accused of “malpractice” with four patients. Silvina.

After the death of the actress, other cases treated by Ludogi, who became famous as a “celebrity surgeon” 10 to 15 years ago, began to appear in public and were regularly hosted on television programs.

20 percent increase in 5 years

In August, former dancer Mariano Cabrarola died aged 49 of acute kidney failure and a heart attack. He, in turn, underwent surgery on his buttocks, which was performed by Ludogi, accusing the dancer of “injecting him to death.”

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Polymethyl methacrylate was found to be responsible for the deaths of two former small screen stars.

Although this expensive material is allowed in plastic surgery, it is recommended only in certain quantities (teeth or artificial joints). It is currently sold in Argentina.

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, the Buenos Aires-based plastic surgeon, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had received previous patients who said Lodoki’s organs were “hard as stone, and the needle would break when injected.” in it.”

Silvina Luna’s case, which has sparked widespread sympathy in the country, has exposed some of the weakest aspects of the plastic surgery industry in Argentina, long considered the center of plastic surgery in Latin America along with Brazil and Colombia.

“There has been a 20 percent growth in plastic surgery in recent years,” pointed out Edgardo Beskert, president of the Plastic Surgery Society of Argentina.

One of the reasons for this high rate is the peso’s exchange rate against the dollar, which foreigners benefit from.

Biskert emphasized that the Covid-19 pandemic and social networks have “changed the equation”.

He added: “Many people spent their days in isolation, using the internet and looking at themselves in the mirror for long periods of time.”

He continued, “Social networks and phones that incorporate image-altering technology that can create face changes without undergoing surgery have created a huge desire among people to resemble altered images.”

Similarity to the “altered image”.

Maximiliano Gil Miranda, a surgeon who has been practicing the profession for 22 years, told Agence France-Presse that he has seen many patients show his picture and wish to resemble it. He had to patiently explain to them that this was not possible and that the “ideal” image was subject to change.

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He pointed out that after successful rhinoplasty patients are reassured that all is well, but taking a selfie in a certain way distorts the shape of the nose compared to a normal photo. He said: “Things have become difficult to control…”

The expert confirmed that prices in the field have fallen by making plastic surgery “accessible to all social classes”. On the other hand, “lower-paid physicians are more interested in learning this more lucrative specialty.”

Plastic radiologist Carolina Marilouis told the agency that improved techniques and products are becoming increasingly available, “encouraging many people who are not experts in the field to get into it, maybe train in it.”

It specializes in monitoring and evaluating potential complications of previous cosmetic surgery.

She said: “My schedule is busy and with the media covering cases of plastic surgery, people have become more aware of it and are demanding ultrasounds to detect the nature of the product. injected into their bodies.

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Harry Potter star Michael Combs has died



Harry Potter star Michael Combs has died

Shanas Al-Maliki –

The international Irish artist Michael Camban, the hero of the English film series “Harry Potter” popular worldwide, has topped the trend on the global search engine “Google” due to his death a few days ago. Hour by hour, the number of clicks increased by citizens of the world and Kampan’s fans. Search the search engines to confirm the accuracy of his obituary.

Death of Michael Comban

The Guardian newspaper recently reported that the international actor and hero of the movie Harry Potter has died at the age of 80. Gambon suffered from pneumonia, after which his health deteriorated and he passed away this morning. Aged 82, it brought him back. One of his last works was in Alan Bennett’s The Habit of Art at the National Theatre, and weeks ago he was replaced by Richard Griffiths.

Irish international artist Michael Combon

Michael Gambon

Michael Gambon, the hero of the Harry Potter films and one of the most famous actors in the world, especially after his participation in the Harry Potter series, was born in Ireland in 1940 and presented the character “Albus Dumbledore”. Under the management of Laurence Olivier, the emerging nationalist later moved to cinema.

He won an Olivier Award, and his major film roles include Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series. During his exceptional acting career, he gave roles that began at the New National Theater under the management of Laurence Olivier and later transitioned to cinema.

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Harry Potter series

The Harry Potter series is the most popular of all time in the world and has a huge fan following. Among its most famous heroes are Michael Combs, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis and others.

Harry Potter series

The Harry Potter series mourns Michael

Actor James Phelps, who played Fred Weasley in the Harry Potter film series, heard the news and expressed his deep sadness at the death of a living legend in the film industry.

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Iman al-Youssef mixes myth with reality in a novel



Iman al-Youssef mixes myth with reality in a novel

Sharjah – Ashraf Ibrahim

Iman Al-Youssef is a novelist and storyteller with an adventurous spirit, which makes her think about future literature. Her writings are full of questions and experiments, and she has managed to create a special approach for herself. Thinking about the taste and preferences of the readers towards a particular piece of literature and adapting it without fear or concern, this quickens his creative steps in the shadows of the arena. His literary work consists of about 6 works in novels and short stories. : “A Bird in a Fish Tank,” “Human Faces,” “Eggs of Eyes,” “Window,” “Guardian of the Sun,” and “Resurrection of Others.” He has also won awards. Some of his short stories, along with translations of some of his works, have also received theatrical treatment.Beginning with living languages, especially realistic literature, he moved to fantasy in search of new land and others. Faces appear in the stories of characters in a calculated manner, following a different flow of idea in its spirit by explaining it in the context of its expressive figures under the guise of mythology, superstition, superstition. and absurdity and contradictions that fantasy literature tolerates.

In his yet-to-be-published latest novel, “One Year of Solitude,” Al-Youssef captures unrepeatable scenes of the fate of one of the heroes of a popular novel that won the Nobel Prize and achieved untold sales. A calculated risk, she unleashes this hero and puts him in the heart of life, so that his heart beats with love. He lives in the most strange details in an unusual fantasy style, she chooses a difficult model in recreating the hero’s soul. Changing the course of her life, with a burst of creativity, she draws different rhythms in her fantasy world that reflects her desire to grow and experiment, her aesthetic style reveals contradictions that align with the story. Out-of-the-box ideas to refresh the reader’s memory with the heat of events, while at the same time they shade a core plastic sketch.

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Having started his literary career in a short story tent, he could save many stories he wrote in different periods and find suitable time to include images, scenes and events with intimate content and publish them. Although he was more involved in writing novels in the past, he continues in his short story in a rhythm that mixes reality with myth to reflect his literary vision, in an intense narrative with the beauty of poetry and the fragrance of imagination. Her passion for short-story creativity has not dried up, so she records her thoughts and writes towards the future, where she spontaneously surrenders to the melodies of captivating storytelling and uses her ideas in the same fashion as she manipulates. … The novel is in antithesis.

Al-Yusuf believes that reading is the ink of the writer and one of the most important cultural projects in his life, so he is busy reading scholarly books and contemporary works of fiction, and tries to invest this interest in exploring the depth of historical writings. Knowing the interests of the nations, delving into the corridors of stories drawn from the source of imagination, until she hires them all… What she reads is a continuation of a thought-provoking literary project.

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