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“Plain Coffee” with “Fazza” … Hisham Ismail: “Paintings taken after January 25 spoil the comedy”



"Plain Coffee" with "Fazza" ... Hisham Ismail: "Paintings taken after January 25 spoil the comedy"

As the number of Ramadan series declines, so does the likelihood of an artist participating in more than one series at a time, with the exception of a few artists who enjoy broad public recognition or significant talent, including Hisham Ismail.

During the month of Ramadan, Ismail returned to play the comedic role of “Fossa” in the “Al Kabeer Kawi” series, and revealed another kind of performance through his role as “Onci” in the series “Happy Dreams”. Choice 3A monetary honor.

Many critics have suggested that Ismail has a rare clay that allows directors to create different and distinct characters in their artwork.

After the January 25 revolution, Ismail was one of the few artists who rejected abrupt change and did not back down from public opinion for fear of the future, and Ismail believes that the post-January period was “controlled by vengeful people”. Spirit ”in art, politics and even comedy

Ismail is 45. He came to the arts from the world of investment and business management, where he studied and specialized. Until drama director Khalid Galal announced, he was a hobbyist who practiced university plays and various amateur groups. The first workshop for theatrical creativity, through which he presented his talents, which now dominates the Egyptian art scene, including Mohamed Farraj, Mohamed Mamtooh, Mohamed Salam and Hisham Ismail.

The workshop lasted two years, during which students presented a large number of plays, the most successful of which was “Plain Coffee”, which was shown in 2009 and was viewed by the wife of former President Susan Mubarak.

The length of the play, Hisham Ismail was ready to be one of these strong theatrical rehearsals and the ability to do a variety of characters and move between them at intervals of no more than an hour and a half. The most visible actors in the Ramadan drama. Ismail told Raseef22: “The Egyptian theatrical environment is strong, and from this environment I was willing to act in more than one role at a time. However, the idea of ​​combining three works with different characters is between two series that require big epic, serious and humane acting that requires comic acting.” Ahlam “Saida” and “The Choice 3″ are hard work that requires different acting. But that experience was well received. It helps the audience, then, to accept different roles. ”

Hisham Ismail: Al-Kabeer Strong is more than just a seasonal series, it has become a symbol for its viewers as it has become a Ramadan ritual for previous generations such as Fawazir Nelli and the Sherihan and Bridal series. Boji and Dhamma.

Ismail considers his breakthrough in cinema to come with the adventure of the 2009 film “Dir Enta” with artist Ahmed Makki, who says: “Fortunately, the star Ahmed Makki’s breakthrough was when we were together, which made the audience see. We are a team, which is not entirely accurate. An impression, but there is a really good rapport between us under the patronage of director Ahmed El-Genti.

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Ismail reappeared with Makki in his later films, but the metaphor of the character “Fossa” in the six seasons of the series “The Big Strong” is a sign that Ismail has become popular with a wider audience.

The sixth part of the series, which came after a gap of seven years from the fifth part (2015), was highly acclaimed this year. The new part was well received by the audience, especially with the lack of good quality jokes.

Ismail believes that “Al Kabeer Kawi” has gone beyond being a seasonal series and has become a symbol for its viewers, just as the series has become a Ramadan ritual for previous generations such as Fawazir Nelly and Sherihan. Brides, Boji and Dhamtam et al.

He continues: “The Egyptian people love Sidi dialect, and” The Big Strong “is a pioneer in presenting a series of Sidi dialects that are involved in the course of modern life and are characterized by contradiction and lightness. And revolves around dark topics such as the fight against illegal trade. Legal and other social issues, but “The Great Is Strong” differs by surprising the public.

Hisham Ismail presents comedy in a decent and integrated theatrical form, which is based on a good story and harmony between director, producer and writer.

Ismail points out that the character “Fazza” represents his true personality and that people believe he is a Syed, but it is completely different from his reality because he wanted to reincarnate the characters from his childhood. Events and characters, he said he particularly enjoyed the production of “Character Fossa” and was delighted with the success.

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After the January 25 revolution, Ismail did not present his opposing views in the direction of public opinion, and he was one of the few who did not back down from declaring support for former President Hosni Mubarak. Ismail believes that the future is in light of the change in the country, and that the period following that revolution reflected negatively on the arts, especially on Egyptian humor. “Egyptian comedy saw a decline after the January 25 revolution,” he says.

According to Ismail, the result has been a very successful presentation of sketches based on a number of works of art, with the exception of integrated plays, in which the comedy is presented in the style of passages provided by the artists. The SNL program in its various versions, and the same “plain coffee” play that Ismail was one of its heroes.

Hisham, however, presents humor in the form of a good story and a decent and cohesive play based on the harmony between director, producer and writer. He believes that the presence and continuity of “Al-Kabeer the Strong” promotes the emergence of competing comedies, and that it emphasizes the concept of comedy, which relies on writing strong text with a talented director, because it creates characters. Who “lives with the recipient and must be in his conscience.”

He added, “Humor is one of the most difficult works of art. In the old days time was different, education was different, the imagination expanded by reading novels, the reader’s character and its rich imagination. Today the media has changed. Like a factory, the Egyptian product depends on the trends and market needs of the audience.”

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Ismail’s character “Onci” in “Sweet Dreams” attracted attention in a different way. Only the material needs of his family provided by the Egyptian businesses gave him a role different from that of the dominant man and head of the family.

In the film “Sweet Dreams”, Ismail asserts the role of educator and responsible caregiver of the family and children, without being responsible for household expenses. Hisham Ismail says he enjoyed his role in the series, which was written by Egyptian director Hala Khalil.

He comments: “Onci’s character pushes the viewer to reconsider the father’s responsibility for the family. When many people leave their jobs, it’s a gateway to a type of role – giving community. “

Like many Egyptians, Hisham Ismail’s losses are not enough to change his perspective because he insists on his love and encouragement for Jamalek, and despite being bullied by fanatics at times, he is active in supporting his favorite team on social media and in the stadiums. He categorically dismissed the football hysteria as “the Egyptian media playing a significant role in its responsibility”. He believes that “the reason is to change the thinking of the citizen in a frenzy, to cause trouble among the people, and for one club to support another club.”

He added, “Usually when people defeat their team, especially if it is Al-Ahly or Jamalek, they act like military defeats and the frenzy increases. The Al-Ahly Club is glorified more than Jamalek. This is how the ads came out. This was the beginning of the millennium and was implemented by the media with the rise of satellite channels.

But Ismail al-Qarawi’s connection appears to be in his opinion: “The media aims to make him think of a wider and larger audience, at the expense of al-Ahly audience, fans of other clubs, to win advertisements and sponsorships and so on.” And ordinary gamegoers who do not promote this or that are oppressed and do not find its voice.

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Stay tuned for 3 concerts of bright Arab stars at Marayat AlUla



Stay tuned for 3 concerts of bright Arab stars at Marayat AlUla

AlUla Season 2023 continues its impressive run with three big concerts…

The lights of the Arabic stars will shine in Alula’s mirror!

AlUla Old City is the perfect place for parties and music. Maraya Hall celebrates Al-Ula’s important historical role as a meeting point of ancient civilizations throughout the centuries.

The mirrors in the building reflect the ancient heritage of the region and create a contemporary artistic canvas that embodies the cultural diversity of AlUla.

Mariah Hall hosts many renowned arts and entertainment events, making it a global cultural destination. As part of the AlUla Moments 2023 activities, Maraya Hall continues to host many concerts by the most prominent stars of the Arab world.

Here are 3 amazing concerts by the most famous Arab artists coming to the award-winning Marayat AlUla.

October 27, 2023: Concert by Sherin Abdel Wahab

The first concerts hosted by the iconic Mariah Hall Theatre. Don’t miss Sherin’s concert at AlUla on Friday, October 27, Sherin will perform a special concert as part of AlUla’s season of concerts.

The Egyptian artist Sherin participated in the most important Arab festivals with her exceptional presence and became famous for her soulful voice and high feeling in her songs. She has won many awards in her artistic career, filled with the most beautiful songs memorized by art lovers from sea to gulf, and shined with her spontaneous spirit and musical experience during her three seasons on the talent discovery show “The Voice”. .

Tickets can be booked from Here.

December 29, 2023: Concert by Majda Al Rumi

Are you a fan of the ancient artist Magda Al Rumi? Lebanese singer Majda Al Rumi will return to the Maraya Hall in AlUla on December 29, 2023, for a concert that combines her most beautiful, authentic Arabic songs with her charming operatic voice.

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Al-Rumi began his artistic career in the seventies and achieved great success in the Arab world, where he released 14 albums and won numerous awards. He participated in many charitable and humanitarian activities and was selected as a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations. We expect the concert at Al-Rumi’s Maraya Hall to be a special cultural event as the Lebanese artist will shine on stage, offering his fans an exceptional artistic experience.

January 12, 2024: Ebadi Al-Zohar concert

Enjoy an unforgettable night at Alula. AlUla is gearing up to welcome Saudi artist and composer Abadi Al-Zohar for an eternal concert at Maraya Hall on January 12. The great artist will present his most beautiful songs, which include more than 50 albums.

Abadi al-Jawhar considers Ooth “his only friend and the closest to his heart” and his authentic melodies and beautiful songs are distinguished by their ability to touch the hearts of listeners. We hope Ebadi Al-Zohar’s night at AlUla will be an unforgettable one.

Follow us to keep you informed of the latest developments and details as soon as they are confirmed. @alulamoments

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Tom Hanks has warned against using artificial intelligence to fake his photos in advertisements



Tom Hanks has warned against using artificial intelligence to fake his photos in advertisements


Published on: Tuesday, October 3, 2023 – 8:03 AM | Last Updated: Tuesday, October 3, 2023 – 8:03 am

American actor Tom Hanks has warned that an ad featuring his image is actually a fake ad based on artificial intelligence.

“There is a video promoting some dental program and using my version of AI,” the actor wrote on Instagram.

But he said it had nothing to do with me.

Hanks has previously spoken out about the challenge artificial intelligence poses to the arts, and the issue has been at the center of recent strikes by major actors and writers in Hollywood.

As artificial intelligence systems become more powerful and sophisticated, concerns have grown about their ability to create more realistic versions of real people — sometimes called a “deepfake” or translated into Arabic as “deepfake replicas,” which is usually a fake video. A clip of a famous or infamous personality. It spells unusual words, and has been used in US elections, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and more.

Similar versions of many celebrities, including consumer finance expert Martin Lewis, have been used in ‘deepfakes’, which are often used to trick people.

The use of deepfake technology in pornography is sometimes used as a form of revenge, prompting tougher laws in England and Wales to make it easier to prosecute criminals.

AI-powered fake photos and videos of politicians add to the problem of online misinformation. Those targeted include former US President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s current president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

AI video processing software can be used in controversial ways – for example, pioneering virtual concerts featuring the band ABBA.

One of the things Hanks discussed during an appearance on The Adam Buxton Show in May was the potential of using artificial intelligence to promote and promote artists’ careers.

“We expected this to happen, and we expected the zeroes and ones of programming languages ​​in computers to be converted into faces and letters. It has since multiplied a billion times and now we see it everywhere,” he said. .

And, “Anyone can redraw and reshape themselves at any age through artificial intelligence or deep fake technology. Tomorrow I might get hit by a bus and it’ll all be over for me, but the scenes of my image and personality will go on. Go on and on.”

Fears that artificial intelligence will replace movie stars and actors have fueled a wave of strikes that have disrupted Hollywood with series like Stranger Things and The Last of Us.

The Writers Guild of America, which represents screenwriters, recently reached a tentative agreement with studio executives to end their strike.

However, a separate dispute involving actors — driven in part by concerns about artificial intelligence leading to fewer acting jobs — remains unresolved.

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Tomb of novelist Khaled Khalifa, hero of the Syrian novel



Tomb of novelist Khaled Khalifa, hero of the Syrian novel

Ahmed Mansoor

Monday, October 2, 2023 05:18 PM

The family of the Syrian novelist, poet and screenwriter held a funeral today Khalid KhalifaHis body, from the “Lala Mustafa Pasha” Mosque in Damascus, left our world yesterday, passed away at the age of 59, and his burial place was buried in Al-Taqaliba Cemetery, 2 Martyrs..

Tomb of Khalid Khalifa

Khaled Khalifa was born in 1964 in Aleppo. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1988. A member of the literary club at the university, he wrote poems, plays and some documentaries as well as short and feature films. “Bab al-Maqam.” He also established his friends at the University of Aleppo, Aleph magazine..

His first novel “The Deception Keeper” was published in 1993, while his second novel was published in 2000 titled “The Notebooks of the Gurbad”. His third novel, “Fame of Hate,” was published in 2008. It attracted worldwide media attention and has been translated into many languages.

In 2013, Khaled Khalifa’s novel “No Saxons in the Kitchens of This City” won the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature, one of the Arab world’s highest literary awards. In 2016, his masterpiece “Death is hard work” was published, after which his novel “No One Prays for Them” was published in 2019, recently celebrated by foreign media. A few months before his death, especially last November, he published a book “On the next table. Eagle,” is an autobiographical book..

Khalid Khalifa, who studied law and graduated from the faculty of law, can be called the hero of the Syrian novel. This novel was like a conflict field for him, through which he expressed a political position without problems and human rights. No ambiguity, and until the last days of his life he carried his anxiety over Syria and wept for his lost childhood.

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