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The importance of seeing a dentist after Ramadan


Most people complain of dry mouth and dry mucous membranes in the mouth as a result of prolonged fasting, which requires treatment with feeding, as well as the hygiene of teeth, mouth and tongue. In order to avoid the development of the condition. After Ramadan, it is mandatory to visit a dentist to check for oral health, and to check the condition of teeth that may complain of tooth decay due to excessive consumption of Ramadan sweets or to expose the gums that may be affected as a result. Ignoring the maintenance of oral and dental health, according to an expert in oral and dental. Dr. Ariz Ali Al Arab; What treatments are used for these two emergency oral health conditions after Ramadan?

During prolonged fasting, the secretion of salivary glands in the mouth decreases. , And controls the growth of bacteria and removes residues.

Dry mouth

Failure to eat during the fasting month results in dry mouth and dryness of the mucous membranes in the mouth, salivary stickiness, bad breath, dry teeth, plaque enlargement and tooth decay. This condition can lead to gum disease, mouth ulcers, fungal infections of the mouth, ulcers, skin rash on the corners of the mouth or cracking of the lips. To combat dry mouth and dryness of the membranes in the mouth, it is helpful to drink enough water and concentrate between breakfast and suhoor.Cleaning teethUsing a toothbrush after each meal and before going to bed, as well as tooth floss to remove food residue, and cleaning the tongue with its own brush, rinsing the mouth with lotion, can be refreshing. In this context, the doctor emphasizes on cleaning the tongue, and says that it is no less useful than brushing the teeth, to get rid of bad breath, as well as to reduce the bacteria on the tongue and to maintain the freshness of the mouth. Improves the appearance of the tongue (white layer), improves the sense of taste, and improves general oral health. As for fasting time, Miswak helps prevent dry mouth as it contains natural fluoride. In addition, the doctor addresses individuals who rely on a variety of movables in the condition and advises them not to be negligent in using disinfectant solution for cleaning. It highlights the role of sweet and crunchy foods in harming dental health for all groups, while focusing on eating high-fiber foods, restricting caffeinated beverages and abstaining from smoking. He also stressed the need to see a dentist during Ramadan. The doctor says in this context, “Suffering from risk factors: dry mouth, development of periodontitis. Therefore, dental x-rays can help to detect changes that are not noticed by visual examination, to monitor changes. Also follow: How to treat molar pain at home

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Common oral health problems

After Ramadan, dentist-researchers often complain about the following two events:

1- Tooth decay

Case is a bacterial infection that affects the teeth and it appears as a change in its color or pores in them, ignoring the tooth decay leads the patient to lose them! Due to reason Tooth decay Contact with bacteria, with food residue in the mouth. It is noteworthy that bad eating habits such as eating too much sweets can lead to tooth decay as they do not send warning signals in the early stages of the disease. Until the nerve of each carious tooth needs to be treated, then the tooth should be crowned for fear of losing it. In the advanced stage of tooth decay, the patient complains of severe toothache, tooth loss, eruption and infections, in addition difficulty in chewing food and bad breath. The development of the condition causes lymphadenitis and others. When asked by a doctor about the treatment of tooth decay, he said, “In the early stages, if the tooth material is not damaged and the enamel is not yet perforated, it may be helpful to use fluoride products to stop the tooth. Enamel decomposes and re-mineralizes. “” In caries treatment, the doctor removes the latter and closes the emergency openings in the dental system with fillers. However, as insects penetrate into the vein of the tooth, it is necessary to treat the root canal, i.e., remove the inflamed pulp in the root canal and close it by filling it. Follow more: Improper dental hygiene doubles the risk of both types of cancer

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2- Gingivitis

Healthy gums are tightly wrapped around the teeth and are light pink in color. But neglecting oral hygiene promotes the formation of plaque on the teeth or their calculus, which leads to inflammation in the surrounding gum tissue. Including symptoms GingivitisThe swelling and discoloration turns bright red and causes bleeding when the teeth are cleaned by brushing or flossing, or the gums become weakened and a foul odor emanates from them. To avoid gingivitis, oral hygiene should be a priority, with the emphasis on brushing teeth for at least two minutes, and flossing three times a day, once a day after Ramadan, and going to the doctor’s office once every six months. Maximum professional cleaning required. Follow more: The Gulf Health Council offers 5 tips for healthy and wholesome teeth. In such cases, consult a doctor.

New medicine

Dr. Ariz Ali Al Arab

Dr. Ariz Ali Al-Arab: Cleaning the tongue is as important as brushing the teeth to reduce bacteria on the tongue and keeping the mouth fresh.

About the new medicine, in the context of the treatment of dental caries and gingivitis, the doctor talks about the ERYAG laser, which is light energy, which is injected into the teeth and gums, and it acts as a cutting tool or solvent for the tissues. They pass. “The applications of lasers commonly found in some medical clinics are now greater on soft tissues (gums) than on teeth,” he explains. On the other hand, there are many studies to achieve a vaccine against tooth decay. Follow more: Scientists use the pulp of extracted teeth to treat depression

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