Here’s a round up of the best April Fool pranks in Dubai

It’s the day when we play jokes on our friends and family and brands try to prank us. No-one knows the true origins of April Fools’ Day, but here’s who did it best in Dubai for 2017.


Emirates Airline

Emirates April Fool

It often seems like anything is possible for the ambitious airline company, so when it tweeted detailed of a triple-decker plane, the world’s biggest, we admit we were hooked.

That’s until we saw the model was APR001 and realised our legs had been well and truly pulled.

Fool factor – 9/10. Dubai was ready to check in and splash about.



Careem Green Rain

Ride hail app Careem got in on the fun by announcing that it was to sponsor cloud seeding in the emirate.

No word on whether planes releasing pure salt crystal, silver iodide, potassium iodide or dry ice into the atmosphere would be subject to rush-hour surging charges, But the resulting rain would be tinged on-brand Careem green.

Fool factor – 7/10. How long until we see sponsored rain on demand?


Pizza Express

OK, they messed with pizza. Pizza Express UAE poked fun at our hectic lifestyles by claiming they’d speeded up the pizza eating process. By turning pizza into a smoothie.

Many shades of wrong, as this video shows.

Fool factor: 6/10. Some jokes just go too far.


Jado Pado

With the plausible hook of Expo 2020, and in the shadow of a huge announcement by Amazon and, online retailer Jado Pado revealed plans for a super mall.

With a totally straight face, they told us that the 26 million square feet shopping space would house nearly 5,000 global brands and provide travellers to Al Maktoum International Airport visa-free access to the freezone of Jado Pado.

Oh, and that it would be visible from the moon.

Fool factor: 11/10. It’s pretty much testament to Dubai’s awesomeness that this was reported as news. Where else in the world could this happen?


Around the world

Sandwich chain Subway played a seriously cool prank on British customers by hyping sandwich-flavoured ice creams.

This prank is so good that we want it to happen. Creme-only Oreos need to happen, but for now, they’re a brilliant April Fool by meme artist Adam The Creator.

April Fool Oreos

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