Dubai Marina Mall’s indoor beach party is summer proof

Dubai Marina Mall is showing off its new beach-ready look, complete with carnival games, a ball pit and extravagant prizes.

The famed social historian, Nicki Minaj, once wrote ‘Let’s go to the beach, each, let’s go get a wave,’ and we think there is undeniable wisdom in her advice, just not necessarily at midday in the Dubai summer. Until now.

Dubai Marina Mall has given itself a beachy make-over that is perfect for family. Naturally there’s a space to get some sand between your toes and help the little ones build towering sand chateaus. There’s a community of arts and crafts stations and a giant ball pit too. And whilst we’re on the subject – back us up here – we can’t be the only adults that have to fight the urge to leap into them with Herculean gusto.

There’ll fun in buckets and spades of retail bargains available throughout the summer courtesy of Dubai Summer Surprises.

There’s no cover charge for kids to access the installations, but parents will have to show a AED 100 receipt for goods bought in the mall that day. In exchange for the receipt, you’ll get an entry voucher, which also happens to be your raffle ticket in a draw for a AED 50,000 Emaar Gift Card. There’s a Five Guys, a Carluccio’s, a YoSushi! and Shakespeare & Co in the mall. Just saying. Connect the dots.

Dubai Marina Mall’s indoor beach part will be raging until August 8th. Daily from noon to 8pm.

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