This powerful new workout burns off hundreds of calories

Yalla Fitness

Pep up your morning workout routine with a speedy class at Yalla Fitness.

One of the handful of Arabic words that absolutely everyone in the UAE knows, yalla is routinely sprinkled in any conversation where the subject needs a kick into action.

This new venture in Business Bay wants to do just that, while putting the fun back in fitness, so asks us try out one of its classes.

Ignite 24 is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that combines 24 minutes of circuits, followed by a last blast of two exercises done in four rounds.

Smiling coach Dragana motivates us throughout the 45-minute session and despite the 7am start, the high-energy dance music and quick change routines keep our mind and body alert.

Squats, TRX suspension equipment and medicines balls work each part of the body to the max, in between pounding the treadmills until we’re breathless.

An extra incentive is a heart monitor worn around our chest that transmits information to TV screens. Watching our heart climb urges us to beat our neighbour, while the calorie total (more than 300) has us planning an indulgent but healthy breakfast.

What else is on offer?

Commitment-phobic? Yalla Fitness offers pay-as-you-go and block booking deals on all classes.

Prama Studio 

So on-trend it aches, this interactive floor system combines light and sound for an intense bodyweight workout that’s not unlike disco hopscotch for grownups.

Yalla Fitness SkillMill


When is a treadmill not a treadmill? When it’s a SkillMill. This 21st century trainer from Technogym uses bodyweight to propel runners along. Feels ‘stop-the-world’ weird, then really natural.

True Bar

Sculpt and stretch with this fresh take on barre class that promises to nix back pains and lengthen muscles.

Yalla Fitness, Onatario Tower, Business Bay. 6am-9pm Saturday-Thursday, 8am-8pm Friday, 04 442 6156, Classes start from AED 69. Bring your own towels and toiletries.

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