This new workout lets you pretend you’re playing the drums

Ever played the drums? If so, you will most likely be an expert at POUND – Dubai’s wackiest new workout that incorporates drumsticks.

The only difference between the two, besides the absence of a drum set, is that instead of making music, you’re moving along to it.

In fact, as most Indians will understand, POUND reminds us of the famous Gujarati folk dance Dandiya, where sticks are hit against each other as part of a traditional dance routine .

Sounds weird? We know.. and that is precisely why we had to try it out.

In a nutshell, POUND is a fun and sweaty 45-minute class that works the full body.

Using two lightly weighted drumsticks (Ripstix) to hit either the floor or against each other, this workout combines cardio movements with yoga and pilates.

POUND® cardio jam workouts are coming to The Burj Club 2

We start off with an easy warm-up routine, to ease us into working with the Ripstix, and syncing our movements to the beat of the music.

Initially, our movements and the music don’t match up at all, which leaves us all awkwardly staring at each other with puzzled expressions.

But after a faster second round, we realize that our instructor is just ensuring we understand each movement properly before moving on – and we’re so glad he does, considering that we are all first-timers in the class!

Once we get the hang of incorporating the Ripstix in our workout, the class becomes a lot easier. Most of the exercises that follow are squats, sit-ups and half burpees, while mixing them up with some vigorous arm movements – effectively working out the entire body.

POUND® cardio jam workouts are coming to The Burj Club 1

Finally, we end the class with some deep stretching, loosening all the muscles we have just worked on.

Coming from someone who is currently going through a fitness-craze phase, POUND is not the highest intensity class out there, which is what we were hoping for. However, that could also be because we were an entire class of first-timers.

Overall, POUND was as weird as we though it would be – but we really enjoyed it. It was definitely a fun and energizing class, but we think it could be even better if the Ripstix came in different weight options.

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Where: The Burj Club, Burj Khalifa

When: Sundays 7.35pm, Tuesdays 6.30pm and Saturdays 10am

Cost: AED 110

Contact: 04 888 3900 or





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