Schools are going to be off for three whole weeks

school holidays

Whether you have kids in Dubai or not, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the school calendar, as it affects all of our daily commutes.

Now the UAE’s Ministry of Education has gifted us all with the news that some of the country’s school will get a three-week holiday. Private schools with foreign curriculums are off from 16th December and will return to school around the 6th January.

With approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, private schools in Dubai are allowed to reduce winter break by two weeks or extend to four weeks. Check directly with your children’s school, or if you’re child free, know that the roads could be a lot more peaceful for longer.

Students at public and private schools that follow the ministry curriculum get a whole four weeks of vacation time, returning to studies on 10th January.

As always we have plenty of ideas on how to spend the holidays, from budget-friendly travel ideas to free things to do with kids.

For a full run-down of term times and holidays at UAE schools, go to


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