This really good scrub down left us glowing


En Vogue Beauty Centre

En Vogue Salon is like beauty central for anyone who loves being pampered! They do it all; nails, waxing, threading, massages, hair, facials, you name it.

We are here to enjoy a traditional Moroccan hammam and our skin feels as if it is born again. Welcomed at a buzzing reception desk surrounded by the latest hair and skin products, we were greeted by Aziza, a lovely Moroccan lady who has been bathing ladies the traditional hammam-way for “a long time”.

En Vogue offers a couple of different types of hammam. We chose the traditional herbal variety, for which all herbs and soaps came straight from Morocco.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced a hammam before, it’s like a really, really good wash – an extended Arabic version of the steam and sauna concept.

En Vogue Beauty Center

Where the magic happens!

First we are covered in herbal soap and left in the blue and white tiled treatment room with the steam was on full blast. It’s very quiet, with only the occasional beat from the music that was being played in the salon just next door. Perhaps some spa music would have been more relaxing.

After about 15 minutes, Aziza comes back in and started scrubbing. She uses a loofah all over our body removing even the finest layer of dead skin. After that, she rinses off all the soap and dirt. And there was a lot of both!

Next we’re covered in a paste made from an exfoliating organic Moroccan herbs. A smoother paste containing eucalyptus was used for our face, before we’re left alone with the steam again. This was the most relaxing part of the treatment.

Finally, we’re rinsed cleaned, then covered in a rose-scented gel. One more rinse and we’re good to go.

Aziza asks us to touch our face and with a big smile says, “Like new, yes?’ It definitely felt that way!


Need to know:

What: Traditional Moroccan hammam

Where: En Vogue Salon, Hilton Double Tree JBR. There also a branch in Cluster E of JLT

When: 10am-10pm (12am during Ramadan)

Cost: AED 500 for 90 minutes

Contact: 04 450 1055


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