Review: Café Sushi, Fairmont Dubai

Sushi Cafe has a ‘roll’ to play in Dubai’s Japanese food scene, one that we could nori-gnore.


Nestled away from the lobby of the Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, sits Café Sushi – a bento bistro filled with sushi delights for the discerning diner. Whilst the initial tier of indoor seating is intimate, it eventually spills out into a larger area within the hotel’s foyer, and no matter where you’re seated you’ll be in for a very pleasant dining experience.

Perched atop high chairs adjacent to the restaurant’s sushi belt, we survey the rather impressive selection of sushi available. The sushi belt is usually reserved for the restaurant’s unlimited sushi nights, so ordering a la carte is the way to go.

We begin with an excellent selection of sashimi (AED 93) courtesy of a recommendation by the chef. We are presented with precision cuts of eel, salmon, prawn, tuna, and hamachi. This was complemented with an order of the soft shell tempura (AED 47) which combines a crispy, light shell with soft, succulent crab meat inside – an easy win, straight off the (sushi) mat.

There are a number of signature rolls on the menu, and it’s nearly impossible to get through all of them in one sitting. Although you’ll forgive us some small self-applause for trying.

Highlights for us include the salmon bomb (AED 65) – perfect for fanciers of the pink fish, the juicy, dragon roll (AED 62), Fairmont sushi cone (AED 33), and the rather clever, sushi sandwich (AED 62).

We’re happy to report that each dish comes chilled and assuredly fresh, and almost all of the signature rolls impart a distinct, bold flavor that makes the application of soy sauce, firmly optional. The crispy salmon skin maki (AED 44) is another great choice, pairing spicy Japanese togarashi mayonnaise with crisp salmon skin and cooling tones of cucumber.

A variety of salads, soups, and bento boxes are also available to indulge in, though we were more than occupied by our massive order to attempt any of them on this particular visit.

Your bill may lean slightly towards the higher side, but it is important to remember – we are dining within the walls of one of Dubai’s most luxurious hotels. And when considering the range and quality of expertly prepared sushi available (in addition to a multitude of excellent Japanese beverages to choose from), it’s clear that Café Sushi represents excellent value.

Budget-conscious diners are able to maki the place work for themselves too – with several weekly promotions available. So whether it’s date night, or simply answering the call of a craving – book yourself in for some stylish and flavorful sushi choices.

Dubai Week dined as a guest of the restaurant. Café Sushi, Fairmont Dubai, DWTC area on the Sheikh Zayed Road. 04 311 8316

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