Eight things you must try at Eat The World DXB

Joining the food truck fever at Eat the World DXB?

Roaming restaurants from the US, UK and Singapore return to Downtown Dubai for 2017 as part Dubai Food Festival.

From delicious desserts to the all-mighty Burg-Khalifa burger, here’s a run down of street food treats that you can’t miss:


Parmo Piadina

Cheeky Italian food festival

Where? Cheeky Italian

What? Ditch the diet for breaded buttermilk-fried chicken thigh, oozing with mozzarella, marinara sauce and crunchy pickles, piled on a soft Italian flatbread. It’s a ‘festa’ in your mouth and no-one else is invited.


Truffle Parmesan Fries

The Cheese Truck Dubai Food Festival

Where? The Cheese Truck

What? While they might be renowned for their grilled cheese and onion toasties (FYI, this year they’re serving up a creamy burrata number with peaches and pistachio), you’ll definitely want to add a side of VIP fries to your order. Cheese + truffle = win.


Prawn Burger

Crabbieshack Dubai Food Festival

Where? Crabbie Shack

What? Love prawns? Love burgers? You’ll certainly be chuffed that the lovely people at Crabbie Shack have paired up crustaceans and cow, for a treat that’s too good to share.


Lord Rupert Brisket

The Bell and Brisket Dubai Food Festival

Where? The Bell & Brisket

What? Voted the eight best dish in London by the capital’s food gurus, this blend of beef brisket, pickled cabbage, Dijon mayo, melted cheddar and gherkins lifts the humble bagel to new levels of OMG.


Chicken Pad Thai Taco

The Peached Tortilla Dubai Food Festival

What? The Peached Tortilla

Where: Adjust your tastebuds as Thai noodles are substituted for a soft corn tortilla, filled with marinated chicken, a nutty sauce, green onion and lime. Absolute culinary genius that’s so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first.


Strawberry Funnel Cake

Endless Summer Sweets Dubai Food Festival

Where? Endless Summer Sweets

What? A decadent cross between a doughnut and churros, these classic American desserts are ready to make their Dubai debut. Choose from chocolate and deep-fried Oreo, or opt for the original, because it comes topped with fresh strawberries.


The Burg-Khalifa

The Roadery Dubai Food Festival

Where? The Roadery

What? British chefs buy into the Dubai hype to create this whopper of a burger that comes stacked with five storeys of beef patty and truffle cheese, plus a few other secret ingredients that we can’t wait to mull over.



Popiah Dubai Food Festival

Where? Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah

What? Singaporean kerb food that scores high for health and taste. A fresh spring roll that’s not fried, it combines sweet and savoury flavours with ton of veg to keep you coming back for more.


Etisalat Presents Eat the World DXB: Thursday 23rd-Saturday, 25th February, Burj Park. 5pm-11pm Thursday, 2pm-11pm other days. Tickets will go on sale www.ticket-line.ae





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