UPDATE: Art goes MAD – tour of the MB&F M.A.D gallery, Alserkal Avenue

Levitating watch components, robot table clocks and metal sharks – the new MB&F M.A.D gallery takes art to a whole new level. 

Chicara Art 3_Image courtesy of M.A.D.Gallery

“We bring in artists that other art galleries don’t understand,” says MB&F founder Maxmilian Busser as he shows us around his new art gallery. Determined to create a world where mechanical art can be truly appreciated, MB&F created the M.A.D Gallery – a gallery that showcases works of art that are original, intricate and show true craftsmanship within the field of kinetic art.

“The artworks we have chosen for M.A.D Gallery speak to the creative, youthful and playful spirit within us, and encourage the viewer to engage on a personal level.”

DubaiWeek.ae caught up with one of the talented artists – 53-year-old Japanese artist Chicara Nagata, whose motorcycle masterpieces are currently being showcased at the gallery.

“I am a graphic designer, but I use motorcycles as a way to express myself,” Chicara tells us. “I’ve loved motorcycles since I was a kid mainly because motorcycles are powerful, and that power would allow me to travel really far away from where I’m standing at the time.”

The motorcycles that he creates are all unique in their own way, and contain vintage engines from the 30s to 60s. It can take up to 8000 hours to create each motorcycle, with each part being handmade by Chicara himself. “I really like the details, design and specifications of the vintage engines, and all the other parts are created around those engines,” he explains. “Each piece is completely different from each other, although others might not be able to see it.” But instead of explaining the difference between each one, he encourages everyone to see it from their own perspective. After all, it is art.

But even though Chicara’s motorcycle masterpieces have working engines in them and technically can be used, unfortunately most traffic regulations around the world wouldn’t allow it. “I create the motorcycles to be a work of art,” adds Chicara.


Apart from Chicara’s motorcycles, the M.A.D Gallery is home to many more interesting mechanical works of art including Frank Buchwald’s ‘Machine Lights’, Xia Hang’s stainless steel sculptures (for example sharks), L’Epee’s spider and robot clocks and Quentin Carnaille’s floating and rotating discs of watch parts.

The MB&F M.A.D Gallery can be found at Dubai’s favourite arts hub Alserkal Avenue. More info here


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