Yes, you can see in the new year from a giant Ferris wheel

Festival Wheel 2

Well, this is pretty spectacular. Dubai Festival City Mall has only gone and got itself a massive Ferris wheel.

The giant structure has been fittingly titled ‘The Festival Wheel’ and stands a dizzying 40 metres above its base. It’s a welcome visual enhancement to the creek’s skyline, and offers stunning views from its own lofty perch #wheelpodselfies.

The wheel will be open to the public on New Year’s Eve and will be the perfect vantage point to watch fireworks popping off at Festival City. It also offers an entirely new perspective from which to view Festival City Mall’s epic light, water and fire evening extravaganza: IMAGINE. Twilight trip it is then.

Find the giant attraction on the south side of Festival Bay, where it is open seven days a week, from 2pm-10pm (weekdays) 2pm-12am (weekends).

If you want to ride the metallic marvel, you can pick up tickets from AED 40 for an adult, AED 25 for kids. Or if you want the full Dubai VIP experience, with your own private pod (for up to six people) – complete with leather seating and a glass floor – you can book one for as little as AED 300. Standard tickets get two four-five minute revolutions, but go VIP and ride as long as you like.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 1.10.53 PM

The Festival Wheel, means that Festival Bay now joins London, Paris, Las Vegas, Singapore, Chicago, Vienna, Tokyo and Melbourne (among others) – in boasting a wheel-endowed skyline. Whilst it’s the not the tallest, it certainly has a claim to some of the most amazing scenery visible from any of the big city wheels.

Other unusual places to count down the last hours of 2017 from

RTA New Year's Eve

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is offering special water bus, Dubai Ferry and abra tours for the night of 31st December. Dubai Ferry trips (From AED 300) will start from 9pm on New Year’s Eve and continue up to 1.30am, and the Water Bus (AED 125) and abra trips (AED 125) will start at 10.30pm and end at 1.30am.

Depending on where you pick up these floating observation platforms, there are a number of possibilities for viewing the NYE celebrations. Dubai Water Canal, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and the Atlantis are all possible to catch mid-hurrah on various routes.

Dubai Festival City Mall shows on 31st December are at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm and a grand finale at midnight to welcome 2018! Entertainment starts at 7pm.


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