Who’s up for a Game of Thrones themed egg hunt?

*In our best Jon Snow voice* Easter…. is coming, and with it, great challenges to overcome, with a dragon egg hunt so dramatic, George R.R. Martin himself would surely approve.

Call a meeting of the small council, assemble your Thronee mates and immerse yourself in a fantasy world ruled by the Dragon Queen. Over dates in April and May, La Ville Hotel & Suites, in collaboration with Escape Room, is hosting a ‘Dragon Egg Hunt’ with a conveniently coinciding brunch.

If you’re like us and find it absolutely impossible to get enough Game of Thrones in your life, this is a great way to supplement your viewing/reading with a bit hands-on dragon binding IRL.

The Game of Dragons experience invites you to explore the City Walk-based hotel, march through the scattered kingdoms on the hunt for clues and words to recite in an ancient language. They laughed at us at Linguaphone, but we knew learning high Valyrian would pay off

We reckon the perfect team would need to consist of one player with the tactical nous of Tyrian; one with the craftiness of Varys; the bravery of Jon; the uncompromising conviction of Dany and the sneakiness of ladder climbing chaos merchant Little Finger.

Those successful in their quest will be invited to sit with the Fire Lords, and if you can pass all the trials and impress the Dragon Queen, three dragon eggs is your reward.

Once your watch has ended, the team that completes the challenge in the fastest time will win a stay at La Ville Hotel & Suites; and a free Escape Hunt game at Galleria Mall. And unlike Westeros where the ‘night is dark and full of terrors,’ by all accounts, a night at La Ville is luxurious and full of pleasures.

So if you know your valar morghulis‘ from your ‘dracarys you might well be the prince, or the princess that was promised (a free hotel stay).

Join the hunt on Friday, 19th April; Saturday, 20th April; Friday, 26th April; Saturday, 27th April; Friday, 3rd May; Friday, 4th May. 2pm-9pm (time slots allocated when you register). AED 100, or AED 300 including brunch. Everyone taking part gets 20 per cent off all food and drinks in La Ville Hotel & Suites. 04 433 444 73,


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