Spectacular Vegas lantern festival RiSE is coming to Dubai

RiSE is a poetically-principled Mojave desert-based music festival that’s coming to Dubai later this year.

On the 8th November this year, RiSE festival will be crossing the Atlantic and bringing with it all the feels. The melodies and memory-making culminate a bucket-list finalé with the simultaneous release of thousands of (100 per cent biodegradable) sky lanterns and probably some therapeutic eye-watering.

What? We’re not crying. YOU’RE CRYING

Check out the festival’s Instagram page and strap in for an emotional spin cycle. The feed features odes of love; tear-soaked notes penned to the dearly departed; and declarations of dreams; all hand-scribed on lanterns, to be sent up towards the profundity of the great beyond.

As briefly hinted above, RiSE is a festival with an ethical soul that’s seen a meteoric rise in popularity since its inception in 2014.

Their ‘leave it better than we found it’ principle means the organisers are active in protecting the surrounding environment. Not only are the lanterns fully eco-friendly with short burns and flight times, but the promoters also promise to collect all lanterns from the locale, along with any litter. For the Vegas festival, they purchase carbon offsets for every vehicle used in the clean-up, and encourage all those attending to offset their own carbon.

There’s no news on the precise location or the musical line-up as yet, but the 2018 headliners for the US festival included a mix of spine-tingly folk and ambient electronica. Crowds got soulful sets from Mardeleva, Harry Hudson, Dean Lewis and, do your anxious mind a favour – and wrap your earphones around the sounds of headliner Emmit Fenn for a moment or two of escapist bliss.

All rise!

Tickets aren’t on sale just yet, but the launch website is live and you can sign up to be notified for when the early bird tickets become available. Head on down to www.risefestival.com/dubai.


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