You can now take driving lessons in a Mercedes-Benz

Planning to drive a fancy car after getting your drivers licence? Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) wants to teach you how to safely drive in one…

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Why learn how to drive in a Nissan Sunny, when your first car is going to be a Mercedes G-Class?

Dubai loves fancy cars, but with the number of road accidents in the UAE increasing every year, this could be one way to counteract that.

According to clippings found on, there were 6,681 traffic injuries in the UAE last year, 4,788 serious accidents and 725 fatalities.

EDI hopes to make the most of your learning experience with its all-new Platinum Driving Course – teaching learner-drivers how to drive a car they are more likely to use.


For a fee of AED 30,000, learners will be trained on high-end luxury vehicles, including Range Rovers, Mercedes-Benz and more. This will help them be better-adapted with the mechanics and features of SUV, ensuring their further safety while driving on the road.

After all, the more confident you are in the car you drive, the less likely you are to make a mistake on the roads.

Ranging from AED 20,000 to AED 30,000, depending on the package, the fee is a fixed price that covers the entire course, no matter how many extra classes and tests are taken.

On top of learning how to drive, each learner will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager, who will manage all their formalities and documentation until the driver license is handed over.

Other benefits include taking lectures at your convenience, free pick and drop services, taking RTA road tests at your home, and so on.

More details can be found at or by calling 04 263 1100.

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