Dubai to get cheaper Uber service – but it’s not for everyone

Uber appUber users, your lift home might soon be cheaper.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and hailing app Uber have teamed up to trial uberX in Dubai.

The economy offering is being rolled out over a trial period of three months from this week and will start with a limited number of cars (but Uber can’t confirm how many).

Riders will also be added at random (again we don’t know how many), so check your app to see if you made it!

uberX will be priced lower than the UberSELECT service (the starting fare is a whole three dirhams cheaper) and come in at about the same price or slightly higher than RTA taxis.  We’re promised it will still offer “expected levels of safety, reliability, and convenience”.

What does that mean on the meter?

The pricing of the newly introduced uberX will be:

  • AED 5 – base fare
  • AED 1.37 per kilometre
  • AED 0.4 per minute

Whereas UberSELECT is priced at:

  • AED 8 – base fare
  • AED 1.80 per km
  • AED 0.5 per minute

If it’s a success, uberX could pave the way for really exciting products like ride-sharing service UberPOOL and and even on-demand flying cars, UberElevate. Well, that would be one way to beat rush hour.

Once the trial period ends, Uber and the RTA will study the results and decide whether to continue.

How do we use it?

Cars will be a selection from those already existing on the app, mainly the four-door sedans and seven-seaters. You can expect to see, Toyota Previa, Prado and Lexus.

Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency, says ultimately it’s all about customer happiness.

“The announcement of this pilot service is a very encouraging news for Dubai. The pilot will offer an affordable option for residents to move around Dubai, and encourage a larger pool of people to reconsider car ownership, and instead opt for more convenient and efficient transport solutions, which we believe would translate to a happier city,” he adds.


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