This huge drugs bust by Dubai Police will keep the city safe

Dubai Police stock image

We all know that drugs are, quite rightly, completely illegal in Dubai, but that doesn’t stop some foolish criminals trying to smuggle them into the emirate.

But luckily Dubai Police are always on hand to stop them.

Cops seized deadly narcotics heroin, crystal meth and 648,000 pills in a number of major drug busts across the UAE.

From four anti-drug operations in March, a total of 557,000 Tramadol tablets, 91,000 other pills, 1.6 kg of hashish and 340g of crystal meth were recovered.

Six Asian men and a GCC national have been arrested after the Dubai force received a tip-off that they were plying their trade across the emirate, Al Ain and Fujairah.

They are now are facing criminal charges relating to smuggling, trading and trafficking.

Dubai Police drugs bust

The Anti-narcotics Department’s director, Colonel Eid Mohammad Thani Hareb explained how police launched “deep investigations” to confirm the information then arrest the culprits.

Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief for Criminal Investigations, warned any other drug dealers and smugglers that Dubai Police would continue to be pursue them.


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