Police sting traps drug dealers

Drug Dealers

Undercover cops foiled drug dealers aiming to peddle kilograms of a deadly drug in Dubai.

Two men have been arrested following the operation in May, when police officers posed as drug users to buy a large quantity of crystal methamphetamine.

Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief for criminal investigations at Dubai Police revealed that two groups of police took part in the raid.

The first accused agreed to deliver a quantity of drugs to undercover officers, who met the second defendant in a hotel lobby, where he handed over 5kg of crystal meth.


A search of the suspects’ home found two further bags of the highly-addictive drug weighing 4 kg and 567 grams.

Both defendants have been charged with the possession and trade of psychotropic substances. Police confirmed they were Asian and aged 28 and 31, but did not say which country they were from.

General Mansouri praised the efforts of the task force to monitor and track both accused, who were believed to be selling drugs in return for money from a criminal living outside of the UAE.


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