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Have you seen the strange new ‘Flying Cup’ installation in JBR?


Photo Credit: Lawrie Walker

With its towering white frame and spiral shape, Flying Cup looks straight out of the UAE’s Mars 2117 project.

If Dubai suddenly announced that it was planning to launch interplanetary spacecraft from its base next to the Roxy Cinema on The Walk, we’d be impressed but probably not altogether that surprised.

The real story behind the mysterious-looking structure, however, is almost as fantastical.

What we know: 

The attraction is called Dubai Cup. Its suspended platform will be capable of reaching a height of 40 meters and offering incredible 360-degree panoramic views of Jumeirah Beach Road (JBR) area and Marina.

Tickets will start from AED 75 but it’s not clear whether refreshments will be included. We were able to track down a video of similar attraction outside of the emirate that seems to show people enjoying soft beverages in the sky.

The concept of dinner in the sky was a HUGE hit when it previously came to Dubai (though it was through a completely different company organising that aerial attraction).

What is certain is that if you’re all about sea-views, Flying Cup will be able to offer some of the most interesting point-blank and elevated perspectives, anywhere in the region.

According to its website, The Flying Cup will be open 10am-midnight, Sunday to Wednesday, and 10am-1am Thursday to Saturday.

Stick with us to find out more.


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