Your Nol card just got even more useful again

Nol card smartimprovementstonolcarduses

The humble Nol card is fast becoming the handiest thing in our wallets.

Issued by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the plastic travel cards can already be used to pay for groceries at more than 1,000 outlets, as well as getting travellers about on Dubai’s excellent public transport system.

Now the Nols can make driving easier, specifically when you need to park your car. The RTA’s app has been updated so motorists can top up their parking e-wallet using your Nol card credit. That means if you need to pay for parking but don’t have any coins handy, you can pay straight from your phone via your Nol. It’s also perfect for summer months when you want to spend as little time out of our lovely air-conditioned cars as possible.

So far it’s only been rolled out on Android phones. Use of the e-parking purse has increased by 30 per cent from 2016 to 2017, so we’re sure it’ll make the jump to Apple soon.

The RTA app is available in English, Arabic, Hindi and Russian and can also be used for finding parking spaces, topping up Salik and checking on those pesky parking fines.


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