Drivers warned of widespread dust and poor visibility

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Dubai’s weather doesn’t give us much to complain about, but right now sandstorms are posing a hazard to drivers and pedestrians across the emirates.

What’s behind the sandstorm? The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said that moderate winds blowing dust over coastal and internal areas might get visibility levels down to less than 2,000 metres. This will continue until at least 2pm Monday (13th May).

While it’s not quite as bad as this scene from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Dubai Police are advising drivers in the emirate to be extra cautious. People with asthma and chest conditions should avoid the dust where possible.


Be careful out at sea, as rough conditions are expected in the Arabian Gulf. Bad news – turbulent seas and dust storms could flare up again later the week, and temperatures are rising too.


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