Nearly 150 traffic accidents reported as rain lashes Dubai

rain in Dubai, Dubai Police, traffic, road accidents

Traffic crawled through puddles as a rare rainstorm made Dubai’s morning rush hour even more onerous than usual.

Commuters across the emirate faced delays getting to work and school and police received 147 road accidents in just four hours on Monday (26th November).

The Dubai Police Command and Control Unit received 2,566 emergency calls and recorded 147 traffic accidents from 6am to 10am.

Officers are urging drivers to take care on the journey home, saying accidents that happen during bad weather that cause low visibility are usually more severe. Colonel Muhammad Al Muhairi, acting director of the Command and Control Centre, told motorists to keep a safe distance between cars and adjust their speed to the conditions.

“Allow extra time for your journey and check your planned route. It’s also advisable to slow down as rain makes roads slippery,” he added.

People are warned to stay away from pools of water and valleys when the weather is unstable and not to risk using their vehicles in the desert. Police are stepping up patrols in desert areas and flood prone neighbourhoods , including the mountainous areas of Hatta.

Seven sailors rescued from a capsized ship during the storm

rain in Dubai, Dubai Police, traffic, road accidents

Teams from Dubai Marine Rescue and the Port Police Station braved storms, high sea waves and total darkness to carry out a successful rescue mission.

Two of the crew fell into the sea after their ship grounded and capsized at the waterfront area of Deira Islands. One sailor suffered a broken leg in the accident.

Colonel Saeed Al-Madhani, acting director of the Port Police Station, said rescue teams were able to find the ship even though it was not equipped with advanced GPS.



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