Dubai drivers can now pump their own fuel

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Motorists in Dubai could fill their own cars with fuel if they stop off at these new service stations.

Fuel company ADNOC has opened three stations in Dubai, at Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Umm Eselay in Al Ain Road and Al Qusais. 

Like its stations in Abu Dhabi, ADNOC customers in Dubai will have the choice of refuelling their vehicles themselves free of charge or going for the premium service, where attendants fuel up for you. For now that won’t cost anything, but eventually, it’ll be AED 10.

The charge also covers having your windscreen washed and tyres checked. Premium customers get discounts on coffee, car washes and groceries too. Maybe because of that, it’s proved pretty popular in Abu Dhabi, where the elderly and those with special needs are exempt from the payment. Shortly after launching fuel fees in October 2018, ADNOC announced that 69 per cent of motorists chose to go premium at the pumps.

As we’ve come to expect from the well kitted-out filling stations of the UAE, each one has a Géant Express store, Oasis Café, free Wi-Fi, charging for electric vehicles and a choice of fast food restaurants, including McDonald’s, Rainbow, KFC and Burger King.

Wherever you refill, fuel costs are down again for February, with one litre of Special 95 petrol costing AED 1.84.


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