Dubai now has the most expensive perfume in the world

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With Mother Day’s coming up, perfume purchases are set to spike and of course Dubai has the costliest take on your everyday scent.

What’s being called the ‘world’s most expensive perfume‘ launched at The Dubai Mall and a bottle will set you back AED 4.752 million. Pass the smelling salts.

Why so much? Standing just under two metres tall, Shumukh – which means ‘deserving the highest’ in Arabic – is set with 3,571 sparkling diamonds (totalling 38.55 carats), topaz, pearls, 2479.26 grams of 18 karat gold and 5892.88 grams pure silver.

We’re pitching it for Mother’s Day (31st March in the UK and 21st March in the Arabic world), but actually it’s a unisex fragrance that “pays tribute to The Spirit of Dubai.” Creators say it’s the only perfume to hold two Guinness World Record titles – ‘Most diamonds set on a perfume bottle’, and ‘Tallest remote controlled fragrance spray product.’ Impressive.

Only one bottle exists (hand-blown Italian Murano glass, of course), and you can see it at The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue. Sniff and you’ll get notes of amber, sandalwood, musk, rare pure Indian agarwood, pure Turkish rose, patchouli ylang-ylang and frankincense that took 494 perfume trials to formulate.

The three litre bottle can be also customised and adjusted to the user’s height for a quick spray, sashay and away.

Asghar Adam Ali, chairman and master perfumer at Nabeel Perfumes (pictured), says: “My vision was not only to capture Dubai’s persona in one monumental piece of art, but to also create a fragrance that embodied the pinnacle of luxury in the world of perfumery.”

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If that sounds like an upgrade on the usual box of chocolate and a card, find out more at 


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