Artificial intelligence cameras will rate your happiness

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What’s in a smile? Artificial intelligence is being used to measure customer satisfaction at Happiness Centres.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has fitted AI smart cameras at the offices in Al Barsha, Umm Al Ramool, Deira and Al Awir.

They’ll be used to analyse visitors’ facial expressions before and after their transactions. To protect privacy, images aren’t saved, but the system sends reports and instant notifications that can be acted on if happiness drops below a certain level.

Made in the UAE, the cameras take 30 frames per second without needing a flash, so you won’t leave feeling like you’ve been hit by the paparazzi.

Maher Shirah, director of Smart Services at RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, says: “The technology analyses the facial expressions of customers, without saving images in respect of their privacy, before and after processing their transactions at the centre. Accordingly, the technology gives an instant and accurate indicator of customers’ happiness.”

Visit RTA headquarters and you’ll find another cool bit of tech – 20 new generation self-service machines that can process drivers and vehicles licensing, parking services, To Whom It May Concern Certificates, and more.

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