Dubai Police issues rainy day warnings to motorists

Dubai Police warns motorists after 110 recorded accidents in the rain.

The Dubai Police command & control centre received more than 3,385 emergency calls and recorded 110 traffic accidents between Wednesday and Thursday (27th and 28th) due to heavy rains. Fortunately, none of the accidents were serious.

Colonel Turki bin Fares, director of the command & control Centre at Dubai Police, urged motorists to keep a safe distance between cars and adjust their speed to the weather.

Motorists are also advised to allow extra time for their journey and plan the route ahead of time. Be on the lookout for Dubai Police’s routine updates of accidents and warnings on their Twitter handle @DubaiPoliceHQ.

More sound advice from the force: rain makes roads slippy, so slow down. Do not use your hazard lights while driving; only when you’ve come to a full stop or need to dramatically slow down.

“People should follow safety instructions and regulation to avoid any accidents,” Colonel bin Fares added.

Dubai Police have stepped up 24-hour patrols in mountainous areas and other places where flooding is common. Drivers are advised not to use their vehicles in the desert after rain and to stay away from places of water pools and valleys.

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