This site lets you report animal cruelty really easily

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If you spot someone harming an animal, don’t stay silent – there’s an easy way to tell the authorities.

A new website lets UAE residents report cases of cruelty to animals quickly and simply.

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) launched the ‘biosecurity early notification system.’

As well as sections for agricultural development and health and food safety, it can also be used to highlight when an animal’s health is suffering.

Agricultural pests like the red palm weevil, unhygienic or out-of-date food and possession of dangerous animals can also be logged. Information will be passed on to authorities that can deal with it. Cases deemed as high-risk are transferred to the Environmental Disasters Department at MoCCAE.

The site is the latest tool in the fight against animal abuse. In December 2018, MoCCAE announced tougher laws punishing owners who ditched their pets.

Amendments to 2007 federal laws on animal welfare say that animal owners must assume full responsibility for the animals that depend on them to survive, and not abandon them under any circumstances. Should they no longer wish to keep the animals, they must hand them over to the relevant authorities.

Pets must also be given proper shelter, feed, and specialised vet care.

Find English and Arabic versions of the site at 

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