The UAE tests a new generation of cloud seeding techniques

Grab your umbrella rella rella – in anticipation of precipitation, the government’s looking at new ways of cloud seeding.

Words by Miles Buckeridge

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has launched a new campaign of cloud seeding tests, in conjunction with the UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science. Which is fantastic news for us, but not as catchy in terms of Rihanna song lyrics.

The first phase of this new programme, overseen by Professor Linda Zou, is looking at using nanomaterial for its effectiveness as cloud condensation nuclei.

The sciencey stuff behind cloud seeding 2.0

One of the important stages of cloud creation is the formation of droplets around small particles or ‘nuclei.’ These experiments will examine the effectiveness of using ‘nanomaterials’ as artificial particles for the droplets to form around.

Lab results suggest that this material is more likely to cause condensation water vapour and droplet growth in the clouds than the salt crystals that are currently used for rain enhancement in the UAE.

Which hopefully means more rain-carrying clouds, as big and white and puffy as mozzarella rella rella.


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