Meet the new Expo 2020 mascots

The team behind Expo 2020 have unveiled a total of six mascots for what’s promised to be the World’s Greatest Show.

Six mascots might sound a bit ‘extra’ but at the announcement yesterday (27th September), each of the characters was revealed as having an important role to play.

There’s Salma, a magical ghaf tree, two inquisitive Emirati siblings named Latifa and Rashid (which is the same name as the Expo’s own AI concierge) and three helpful robo-guardians, Opti, Alif and Terra.

The ghaf tree has a speical affection within Emirati heritage, once providing much-needed shade for weary desert travellers, it has come to symbolise the spirit of giving and resilience. The story of the journey to Expo 2020, and the meaning behind it is seen through the eyes of Latifa and Rashid. Their adventures are guided by the wise ghaf tree Salma, and the trio of robots which represent the events three subthemes – Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

A series of short films featuring the plucky mascots will be released over the next 12 months. A gathering of lucky children and adults got an early glimpse of the first of these animated tales, and the reviews are in – a roomful of excited smiling faces.

The launch mini-movie is available to watch now in English and Arabic, and *spoiler alert* Keep your eyes on Opti, absolute robot gangster. 

We can’t wait for the tickets to go on sale, the build-up has been expertly managed. The six month spectacular will feature 60 live shows every day and they’re expecting more than 25 million people to attend.

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